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Feb 22

Web Design for Travel Basketball Teams: 6 Must-Haves

Your travel basketball team is killing it on the court. Your current web design, however, is falling short of even sub-par. What exactly is your website missing? Here are 5 must-haves your team’s web design should include. 1. Team Roster If your team roster is available on your website in a PDF file, it probably […]

Feb 16

When to Use NoFollow Links

To search engine optimization gurus, the use of nofollow links is pretty old news. Nonetheless, nofollow links still serve a purpose and are important for working towards a higher rank in search engines like Google. If you have yet to learn when and where to use nofollow links, there’s no better time than now! What […]

Feb 14

6 Places in Your Website That Should Have Keywords

You’ve already spent time compiling a list of keywords perfect for your website. All that’s left is to use them! But wait – where do you use them? Placing keywords in the right places is almost as important as using them in the first place. By checking the following 6 places, you can be certain […]

Feb 8

App vs Web: Which should your business invest in?

App vs Web: Which should your business invest in? With technology ever-changing, it can be difficult to decide which routes to invest in for your business. Mobile apps seem popular, but will they prove to be just another short-lived trend? Is the mobile web here to stay, or has it outlived its usefulness? Difference Between […]

Feb 7

7 Features of the Best Modern Web Design

7 Features of the Best Modern Web Design Unlike your grandpa, when webmasters say web design “just ain’t like it used to be”, they mean it in the best possible way. Technology and consumers have changed a lot even in the last decade. Successful business owners have recognized that their websites should advance with the […]

Feb 3

6 Warning Signs of a Dishonest SEO Company

What a Dishonest SEO Company Can Cost You We don’t have a whole lot of empathy for shady SEO firms. Yes, everyone’s trying to make a living, but they make theirs by stepping all over small businesses. A bad SEO company can cost you: Ranking penalties from Google. Getting banned completely from search engine results. […]

Feb 2

Are you guilty of these 9 common SEO mistakes?

Did you know there are no known original recordings of the U.S.’s original moon landing? It turns out NASA accidentally taped over it. Or how about that Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. for 2 cents an acre, because they thought it was a useless tundra? While some mistakes are bigger than others, it’s best […]

Feb 1

How to Get Google to Index a Website Faster

It’s easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond – or an ocean – when it comes to the web. Google has over 1 billion websites to index, not to mention each of the pages within each site. So how in the world can you get Google to index a website faster? […]

Jan 31

Why Doesn’t My Website Have Traffic?!

“Why doesn’t my website have traffic?!” Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question before. Or, more likely – perhaps you’ve been tempted to shout this question into your computer screen after heaving it out the window. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as investing in a complete website design only to have it sit on the web […]

Jan 27

15 Quick (But Effective!) Link Building Ideas

With different tactics coming and going in the world of SEO, these days you can hardly count on anything. That is – except one trusty approach. Link building is an age old practice in the world of SEO. Surprisingly it remains almost as effective as it was back in 1998, when Google began. The only […]