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Gone are the days of sending out 200-page catalogs; your customers want to see everything online. But making the switch to showcase your wholesale products online is just the first step. Managing your customers through an online portal is a whole other challenge. Your wholesale customer portal needs to accomplish two things: operate as a powerful sales generation tool and function uniquely based on the customer. When it comes to exclusive pricing based on volume or other factors, you want a system that is seamless and needs little to no administrative support.

Case Study

  • Case Study : J.B. Gottstein
  • Wholesale Website Design

JB Gottstein hired us to provide a solution to hundreds of their customers. The problem they were originally facing is that all orders had to be done over the phone and from a very large catalog. This is both time consuming and hard to manage. We have created a website that allows wholesale customers to sign up, and once approved, they are able to purchase from the website. We also created an app for iOS and Android that will allow their customers to scan items and purchase them without having to purchase expensive equipment. This streamlines the process to find the correct products and checkout. For our client, they receive exports of all the purchases so that they can process them instantly – no more waiting and manually inputting them into a system. This is one of our favorite projects as it is challenging but also exciting. Developing custom, one off web portals is something we love doing!

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