Lobster 207

Lobster 207 was in need of a website upgrade to handle their new marketing. In doing so, we worked with them to create a website which would handle both wholesale clients as well as anyone who would like quality Maine lobster shipped right to their door. As a past sternman on a lobster boat here in Scarborough, I felt we understood the language and the process of helping them sell lobster online. Lobster 207 is a fast paced eCommerce website which has to facilitate quick filtering of orders, allowing for their employees to get product shipped in a matter of a few hours. In addition, all orders have to have a delivery date selected which allows Lobster 207 to run very efficiently.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • eCommerce
  • Custom Admin Panel
  • UPS Label Printing & Batching
  • Delivery Date Selector
  • Search Engine Optimization
Lobster 207 website on Laptops
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    Delivery Date Selector

    Wouldn't it be great to order your product and have it show up on the date you want? Well it's possible with a order delivery date selector. All product is shipped overnight so customers simply select the date they want to receive the order and Lobster 207 does the rest!

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    Custom Admin Panels

    In order to ship out all the orders that come in, it's important to have an interface which allows the shippers to see all the orders that need to get out and print the labels appropriately. With just a few clicks, they are able to see all the orders for the day and print out the UPS labels as well as the packing lists.

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    Wholesale Customers

    Reaching the residential buyer is incredibly important, but so is the grocery store or cruise line who wants to offer fresh Maine lobster. Because of this, there is a separate portal just for wholesale customers to login and buy larger quantities.

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The Bottom Line

It has been a pleasure in watching Lobster 207 grow their online sales through the new website. As they have grown, we've reacted as fast as possible to keep up and facilitate everything they need in order to handle their daily business efficiently and quickly.

Are you ready to set your traps and catch some new business?