Robbie Foundation

What can you say about an organization that you truly love? Before Lynn, founder of the Robbie Foundation, reached out to us, I’ll be honest – I hadn’t heard of them before. After 5 minutes of talking with her though, I was all in. This organization raises money to help children who face disabilities in Maine. You see, insurance covers things – but only so much. There are many items that children need, such as an iPad with a special app which allows them to communicate. There are countless things that the Robbie Foundation pays for, and it is truly an honor to be part of it.

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce & Online Donations
  • Custom Admin Panel
  • SEO
  • Branding Guide
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    Online Donations

    Accept donations with ease - automatically suggest a donation while also allowing the user to create their own amount.

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    Countdown to No Limits Event

    Create a countdown which drives users to sign up for the No Limit walk, which is a fundraising event.

Event Calendar

A custom event calendar was created to show all the past events as well as upcoming ones.

Donate Today

We're fortunate enough to be a sponsor of the Robbie Foundation and look forward to being a sponsor for years to come. Please consider sponsoring from your business as well!

Style Guide

A style guide is used so that all marketing material matches across any platform. This includes the website but also addresses any print material, shirts and is great to hand out to anyone who will be working on other pieces of marketing.

The Bottom Line

The Robbie Foundation wanted a website which allowed for easy donations, but also needed to keep track of anyone who requested funds through their program. The system we worked with allowed a front end page where RF can filter and export all of the applications based on a certain date or need. All form submissions are exported into a PDF so that the board can look through and approve as many as possible.

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