How to Get The Most Out of Your Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress [Part II]

How to Get The Most Out of Your Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress [Part II]

Last time, we talked about the initial ways to get the most out of your Yoast plugin for WordPress. Today, we’ll review the next few options you’ll find in the plugin.

Homepage & Front page

Homepage and front page

Edit your homepage and main blog page by going to them and using the plugin. On some sites, you may find that you’ll need to enter the information on the main plugin page instead.

yoast plugin

Post Types

Posts: Use this section to create templates for each of your posts. By default, Yoast will offer a pretty good title template and other default settings here. We don’t recommend using a meta description template unless that makes sense for your blog. (Search engines will auto-pull descriptions that make sense for your posts.) You can also choose to not show authorship or date (these will also affect how your blogposts show up in Google). And last but not least, your Yoast meta box can be hidden for less trustworthy authors.

post types post

These settings are also available for pages, media, alerts, and alerts for custom post type archives. By default, Yoast does noindex, follows media and alerts. What this means is that search engines won’t index your media items and, depending on if you’re in a photo-heavy industry, you may want to uncheck this box.


In the next section for this plugin, you’ll be able to alter settings – similar to the last section – for your blog categories, tags, and format. We recommend leaving these settings to the default options.


Next time, we’ll finish up the Titles & Metas section with the “Other” category.

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