Get 500% More Blog Traffic: 9 Tips for an Irresistible Title

Get 500% More Blog Traffic: 9 Tips for an Irresistible Title

We know what you’re thinking, “500%?! That’s a bit outlandish!”

Maybe so, but it’s taken right from the mouth of an expert. Peter Koechley, co-founder of Upworthy (created by founders from Facebook, Reddit, and BuzzFeed) says that when testing headlines they’ve found a 500% difference in traffic.

If that isn’t motivation to spice up those blog titles, we don’t know what is. Since you probably don’t have a team of professional writers to submit blog title ideas like Upworthy does, how can you think up irresistible titles yourself?

Keep reading for 9 tips that will have people clicking your blogs lickity split.

1. Throw some numbers in there.

This isn’t much of a secret, but numbers do really well. It gives users an idea of how many things they will learn, how long it will take to read your content, and it tells them that your blog will be organized.

Bonus tip: Use numerical form (3) vs. words (three).

Example: 40 Easy Tricks to Maximize Your Conversion Rate

2. Try ‘The Best’ title.

Not only do readers really want to know what you’re claiming is the best, it’s a great term for search engine optimization. When users are searching online, it’s common for them to type in ‘the best’ pizza, or whatever it is they’re looking for.

Example: 5 Best Ways to Get Customers Raving About Your Brand

3. Get chitter on Twitter.

If you’re promoting many of your blogs on Twitter, you may want to consider these phrases cherry picked by Dan Zarrella from highly retweeted Twitter posts.

  1. You
  2. Twitter
  3. Please
  4. Retweet
  5. Post
  6. Blog
  7. Social
  8. Free
  9. Media
  10. Help
  11. Please retweet
  12. Great
  13. Social media
  14. 10
  15. Follow
  16. How to
  17. Top
  18. Blog post
  19. Check out
  20. New blog post

4. Help people in a hurry.

If you asked, most people would tell you that they want to get things done faster. A blog post that helps them accomplish that will be a welcome read.

Example: 7 Steps: Manage a Month of your Business Marketing in 1 Day

5. Consider using negative titles.

If you’re writing blogs for your business, you may cringe at the idea of using negative titles. Titles like ‘Here’s Why Your Marketing Plan Sucks’ rub most of us the wrong way. When it comes to traffic though, the stats show negativity may be worth it.

A study by Outbrain found that titles with negative superlatives had a 63 percent higher click-through-rate than positive ones. Wow!

If you’re still uneasy, it is possible to use a balanced mix of negative and professional.

Example: Stop Wasting Your Time: 5 Steps to Attract QUALIFIED Leads

6. Back it up with facts.

You can’t go wrong with information backed by a trusted source. Statistics, facts, and concepts ‘backed by science’ will assure people there’s something in your blog worth learning.

Example: What The Stats Say About Your Website and Marketing

7. The unexpected.

At this point, most people with internet access feel like they’ve seen it all. They’ve watched videos, listened to podcasts, and have read a countless number of blogs. What’s left to surprise them?

The unknown! Tantalize them with titles promising surprise, intrigue, and the unexpected.

Example: 6 Unexpected Places That Will Spark Your Blogging Inspiration

8. Use infographics to your advantage.

Infographics are ‘Liked’ and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an infographic, let people know about it directly in the title.

Example: 7 Ways to Attract Customers Like a Virtual Magnet [Infographic]

9. Refer to a specific group.

Singling out a specific group with your title is sure to make your content more targeted and engaging. It will capture the attention of those individuals and they’ll be curious as to what others think of them.

Example: Millennial Shoppers: Why They’re Different and How to Reach Them

There you have it, 9 tips for an irresistible blog title. Be wise and use your new titles for good. Go the click-bait route and your website may become an everlasting one-hit wonder!

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