4 Vital Steps Before You Launch Your AdWords Campaign

4 Vital Steps Before You Launch Your AdWords Campaign

You’ve done everything you can to optimize your website for search engines, but you aren’t where you want to be. That’s ok, because that’s where Pay Per Click (PPC) comes into play. Both Google and Yahoo both have great PPC campaign programs for search engines, as well as Facebook for social media. Often, PPC campaigns can have the positive effects your campaign is looking for!

Before you launch your (Google) AdWords campaign officially, make sure you:

1. Create a great landing page

You’ve created a keyword rich, powerful ad. How about the page you’re directing visitors to? Make sure your landing page has:

  • Exciting content: Make your content unique and interesting to further entice your visitors.
  • A Simple Layout: Don’t distract your visitors with too much navigation, sidebar content, or calls to action
  • Single call-to-action: Don’t distract users will too many choices. If you want to gather information, focus on a contact form. If you want to gather calls, focus on getting users to pick up the phone.

2. Thank you page/Conversion page

Once your users convert (via sale, contact form, or otherwise), do you have a specific page (or thank you page) that they land on? If not for your Analytics statistics, a thank you page will certainly be vital for your users. Think about it: you just bought or signed up for something online and didn’t land on a confirmation page…you would think something was wrong. Be sure to make your users feel comfortable in the conversion choice they just made.

3. Sync Google Analytics and AdWords

Getting your stats via AdWords is great; getting them via Analytics is even better. Why not combine the two? Sync your AdWords and Analytics account to receive the same data. In order to sync the two accounts, simply make sure the same email addresses have admin rights to both AdWords and Analytics.

4. Conversion code

Installing your conversion code (via AdWords) is the last important step in launching your AdWords campaign. Your web developer will need to install this code on your conversion page (see step #2). This way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see your conversions via your AdWords account.

What steps do you take before you launch your AdWords campaign?

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