How to Enhance Your User’s Experience: 5 Key Factors That Will Help Your Website Stand Out

How to Enhance Your User's Experience: 5 Key Factors That Will Help Your Website Stand Out

User Experience.

It’s not specifically a design issue, or a development issue, or even an SEO issue; it’s all three. Think about it: user experience plays into all three of these important components on your website. In design, you want to create a flow that makes sense to your users, both graphically and architecturally. In development, you want the functionality to work properly in a way that makes sense and a way that works fast. With Search Engine Optimization, you want the site to be user friendly because a) this is incredibly important for search engines, and b) good user experience means great navigation and website flow, which are both great for SEO.

In short, by enhancing your users’ experience, your website is going to be much more successful in the long run. Here are just a few key elements to keep in mind as you create the best user experience possible on your site.

1. Navigation

Start by creating a great navigation that makes sense for your visitors. Your navigation should flow naturally, not have too many options, and be named in a way that balances both names for your users and for SEO (and the search engines).

2. Design

Not only does navigation help drive a user’s experience, but design plays a major role as well. Since design enhances the architecture (or navigation) of a website, it’s critical to the success of your website. Great design will make users want to spend more time on your website, while poor design will be a detriment and force users to leave sooner rather than later. Opt for the former!

3. Graphics

Incorporating images and graphics into your website is separate from design when it comes to user experience. They say a picture says 1,000 words, so photos and graphics can make a huge difference as you think about the message you’re portraying on each page of your website. These graphics will only further enhance the experience your user has.

4. Content

What’s a website without great content? Your content should attract your audience immediately and be able to keep their attention. Your content should keep your customer in mind first and foremost: what do they want to know about? What’s important to them? Showcase this before anything else.

5. Call to action

A call to action may seem like an important piece of the website for the business – which it certainly is – but it’s also invaluable for visitors, as well. Calls to action never force users to do anything; rather they allow users to take the next step.

Does your website need help standing out? Share your experience in the comments below or contact us today for help!

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