Check if Your Website is Non-Responsive & 3 Things it Costs You

Check if Your Website is Non-Responsive & 3 Things it Costs You

Not all websites were created equal.. In the case of responsive web design, your business has a huge advantage over a competitor’s non-responsive website.

Having a responsive web design allows you to reach users on all devices and screen sizes- desktop, mobile, tablet, and more. When they visit your website the images, content, and layout fluidly adjust to their screen size without the glitches and lag found with non-responsive design.

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At this point, 90% of adults in the U.S. have a cell phone and 60% of internet access is mobile. We’d like to think this makes mobile optimization a necessity.

No doubt you’ve been busy in the trenches of running your business. Every once in awhile you have a chance to poke your head out and see the light of day. Look around and take notice of your website. Have you had it redesigned to reach all devices or has it been forgotten?

Check yours for free by entering in your URL into this responsive website design checker.

“My website isn’t responsive. What does that mean for my business?”

Here’s what an unresponsive web design can cost you.

1. Google’s Approval

If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will actually rank others before you. In April of 2015 Google announced in a blog that they were globally rolling out their mobile-friendly update. A year later, March 2016, Google announced more updates to increase the effect of mobile-friendly search engine results.

If you’re concerned about search engine optimization at all, this is a huge motivator to get responsive. While they don’t require a responsive design yet, as they continue making updates it’s likely to be in the near future.

After all, Google’s priority is user experience and who wants to land on a glitchy website?

Check to see that your website at meets Google’s mobile-friendly standard with their test.

2. Bounce Rate

40% of users will go back and click another search engine result if the first one they land on is not mobile-friendly.

The above statistic was is from 2013. We can only imagine the percentage of users who will bounce from your website now that they’re conditioned for fast-loading responsive sites.

3. Relevancy

Websites- and businesses- continue to advance with technology to remain relevant. There’s no doubt that new devices will continue to be invented with new screen sizes. If users can’t even properly view your website, will they believe your business is relevant?

Don’t let a non-responsive web design cost your business any longer. Reach every user seamlessly across every device and screen size with the magic of responsive design. Schedule your free consultation to learn more!

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