93 percent of online

experiences begin with a search engine.


Lost in search engine results?

Let’s increase your visibility where potential customers are already looking: search engines.


Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. After we single out the right ones for your business, tracking your rank for each allows us to continue optimizing.


By auditing your website’s current SEO health, we can identify areas in need of improvement. We’ll meet them head on with a new approach.


Effective SEO doesn’t happen overnight. With ongoing content creation and strategic changes, we’ll get your website ranking higher and higher.

We’re committed to
“white-hat” SEO.

Like in many industries, there are bad guys out there. These companies participate in what’s called “black-hat” SEO.

OSC only performs white hat SEO.
Set your sights on raising in the search engine rankings.
Keep your best interests in mind.

These dishonest SEO firms knowingly use tactics that are banned by Google. While they sometimes work initially, it doesn’t take long for search engines to catch on, distribute penalties and even ban guilty websites from search results.

OSC Web Design will never risk your business’s credibility with these approaches!

Want an SEO firm with your business’s best interests in mind? You can count on us.

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