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  • Web Marketing

    From Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing to Email Marketing, OSC Web Design is your one-stop shop for Web Marketing. Whether you simply need your social media accounts set up or your entire website optimized for the search engines, we can help take your web presence to the next level.

  • Website Design

    OSC Web Design works with businesses small and large to help them develop a presence online. The branding of your business starts with a great design and carries through to functionality and ultimately a lead or sale. We start with a custom designed site unique to your business that is also responsive. We'll also create a shop if your website needs an Ecommerce element.

  • Social Marketing

    Have you been told you need to incorporate social media into your online marketing plan? Let us help you get started the right way. From identifying the right networks to designing creative graphics for your social profiles to teaching you how best to use your social profiles, OSC has the tools to help you use social media to make a big difference to your bottom line.

  • Mobile Design

    Mobile design is no longer a choice, it's a necessity. Our responsive designs are apart of each and every design we create. By incorporating these designs into each website we launch, your customers - and potential customers - will be able to use your website just like any desktop user.

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5 Unique Reasons You Should Be Checking Your Google Analytics Account More Often

Do you regularly check your Google Analytics account? Once a week? How about once a month? Google Analytics is a great resource for determining how successful your web marketing efforts are. After all, you’re spending time and money creating content and engaging with your audience. Why not figure out how well that’s working for you

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Making your web content count!

Writing Content For the Web: How to Make Your Content Count

Writing content for the web is different than writing¬†any other content. It’s not like writing a book, a newspaper article, magazine article, or anything in between. It’s a craft all to its own and even if you’re an experienced writer, you may find writing for the web difficult. Here are a few helpful tips that

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4 things you need to know about seo

4 Things Your Web Designer Doesn’t Know About SEO

When working with a web designer, you may luck out. You may find your designer doubles as a brilliant marketing mind – or at least someone with basic knowledge of web marketing. Unfortunately, many developers and designers focus on what they do best (as they should!), so here are a few things to keep an

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4 Blogging Rules Your Business Should Live By

For some businesses, blogging can be daunting. For others, a blog just seems like way too much work. For others still, ¬†it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to blog about. Never fear…follow these few simple rules and you’ll be a blogging rockstar in no time! 1. Write about what you know Become the expert in

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6 Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn’t Converting

Do you have an existing website that isn’t converting? Here are 6 reasons why it may not be. 1. Your website is a turn-off Think about a website you’ve visited where you can’t make sense of anything because the design or organization of the site is just that bad. You probably didn’t stick around for

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