Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If customers are unable to find you using popular search engines like Google, you could be missing out on a ton of business.

The OSC team has the resources and techniques to help your website rise organically in the search engines.

Explore what it means to be on the first page of Google
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Inbound Marketing

Expensive advertising and cold calls are nearly obsolete. Instead of agitating your customers,
delight them! Leave it to us to produce quality content and utilize social media platforms that result
in lasting customer relationships.

Discover how Inbound Marketing can grow your business

Website Design

First impressions are crucial.  With a large increase in mobile device and tablet use, we know the importance of accessibility across all platforms.  Whether you are a small business establishing an online presence or a large business in need of website updates, we will create you a professional look unique to your position and budget.

Check out our step-by-step web design process
Website Design

Ongoing Support

We believe exceptional customer service is the root of every successful business. From the first

free consultation to years following the website launch you can depend on us.

Sep 21

The Essential Geek Glossary: Web Design & Marketing Part 1/2

Whether it was browsing the web or reading blog posts right here, you’ve run into it: An absolutely unfamiliar term. Too many times were you forced to rely on a Wikipedia definition (your high school teacher would be so upset) or live with it’s mystery for eternity. From this day forward, you can consider yourself […]

Sep 19

Get Customers in the Mood to Buy in 3 Steps

Why aren’t customers buying? Maybe they don’t like your products and services. Maybe they don’t like your business. Maybe they don’t like you! Or maybe they’re just not quite.. In the mood. Like anything you want from someone, it’s always more effective to look at it from their point of view. Show them what they […]

Sep 14

Marketing Your Business on Facebook: Beginner Guide Part 2/2

If you’ve already read the first segment in this beginner’s guide for marketing your business on Facebook, you’ve learned.. First steps for creating a Facebook business page. How to rank for your brand name. Setting up your page to encourage “likes”. Missed it? Click here to read part 1! Here, we’ll take a look at […]

Sep 12

Marketing Your Business on Facebook: Beginner Guide Part 1/2

By now you’ve heard the buzz about social media. It’s no longer limited to social interactions; businesses and marketers are getting in on the action too! You’ve even held back and tried to avoid joining the Facebook cult, at least until now. This first segment will introduce you to the basics of Facebook pages and […]

Sep 7

Millennial Shoppers: Why They’re Different and How To Reach Them

.           Whether you agree with this not-so-flattering definition from Urban Dictionary or not, wise business owners recognize that millennials are a force to be reckoned with, or at least sold to. With 79 million millennials in the U.S., their purchasing power amounts to an estimated $170 billion per year. Although […]

Sep 5

7 Ways to Attract Customers Like a Virtual Magnet [Infographic]

Think back to the good ol’ days of naive optimism. You remember looking forward to when your website would officially launch to the web. With more than 3 billion people online across the globe, at least a handful of them will be eager to scroll your pages. ..right? Sadly, the grand launch day came and went […]

Aug 31

40 Easy Tricks to Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Many businesses underestimate the role of a website. They often treat it as a necessary expense to prove their business exists online. What other role should it fill? An effective website should be your business’s top salesperson. With the right design, it will work like a conversion machine. Consider the following tips to begin transforming […]

Aug 29

Spot a Great Web Programming Company With 6 Questions

Unless you’re fluent in web programming jargon, it can be difficult to sort an expert from a con. The average business owner knows little of coding and this puts them in a potentially vulnerable position. In your next meeting with a developer, show them you’ve done your research and treat it like an interview. Even […]

Aug 24

57 Ways to Build an Impressive Brand Identity

With millions of brands throughout the world coming and going, what sets apart brands like Google and Lego from Atari and Circuit City? How could Lego – basically a multicolored plastic manufacturer – end up on Forbes ‘Most Valuable Brands’ list? Lego has gone to great lengths in building and defending their brand identity. The […]

Aug 22

Stop Working So Hard: Attract Customers to You

Work smarter, not harder. The human race has a pattern of looking for the “easy way”. While cutting corners on a brain surgery isn’t recommended, you can sometimes pull it off with your business marketing. The key is to do it the smart, easy way. Technology is a prime example of this. It allows us […]