Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If customers are unable to find you using popular search engines like Google, you could be missing out on a ton of business.

The OSC team has the resources and techniques to help your website rise organically in the search engines.

Explore what it means to be on the first page of Google
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Inbound Marketing

Expensive advertising and cold calls are nearly obsolete. Instead of agitating your customers,
delight them! Leave it to us to produce quality content and utilize social media platforms that result
in lasting customer relationships.

Discover how Inbound Marketing can grow your business

Website Design

First impressions are crucial.  With a large increase in mobile device and tablet use, we know the importance of accessibility across all platforms.  Whether you are a small business establishing an online presence or a large business in need of website updates, we will create you a professional look unique to your position and budget.

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Website Design

Ongoing Support

We believe exceptional customer service is the root of every successful business. From the first

free consultation to years following the website launch you can depend on us.

Jun 29

9 Reasons You Need to Think Twice About a Flash Website

In their day, Flash-based websites awed and inspired. Web developers were strapped into an exciting rollercoaster, heading up. Graphic designers jumped along for the ride, creating intricate, dancing website intros. As we reached the early 2000’s, this rollercoaster slowed it’s steep ascent and even started downwards. What happened to the grand future of Flash? Here […]

Jun 27

5 Tips to Turn Your Website into an Advertising Machine

What does your website mean to you? Is it simply one more thing to maintain? Many business owners think of their website as a necessary evil and nuisance. Paying for website redesigns and occasional error fixes is the price they must pay to claim on spot on the web. We’re here to tell you that […]

Jun 22

The Secret Price of Template Website Builders

Templates are fairly simple to create and many template website builders emphasize that they are “code free”. They also have a lower upfront cost and are quicker to develop. So with these positive aspects, why do businesses still elect to hire web design companies? Consider these little-known points before before deciding which route to take […]

Jun 20

Say Hello to GDD: Web Design That Actually Converts

After contracts, correspondence, waiting, and parting with some hard earned cash, you expected your web design to bring about results. Yes, your website looks more appealing and professional than before the redesign, but what about conversion? What about lead increases? Why aren’t you seeing more results? What you and other frustrated businesses are missing is […]

Jun 15

8 Easy Tips for an Awesome eCommerce Site

While low prices and great products are a big part of eCommerce, an effective design can mean the difference between users sticking around and users making a beeline to the “back” button. Not only are cluttered, poor designs frustrating, they can cause distrust. With all the spammy websites out there, shoppers want to feel like […]

Jun 13

Answers to Your Top 3 Web Design Questions

For many businesses, website design can often stir up confusion and frustration. It seems like such a simple concept; you want a website that is professional and attracts customers. New approaches to marketing and complicated search engine algorithms may leave you scratching your head. We can’t speak for all website design businesses, but here at […]

Jun 8

The Scoop on Small Business Social Media

At the sidelines of every social media platform, is a swarm of hungry marketers trying to get a slice of the pie. And no wonder, since 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile. Social media levels out the playing field for businesses. It’s no longer necessary to be a corporate […]

Jun 6

Cheat Sheet for Starting Google Analytics and Navigating Tabs

Somewhere along your journey of starting and running your own business, you’ve recognized the need for effective marketing. While exploring different avenues of marketing, you’ve heard of Google Analytics. The word ‘Analytics’ in itself is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many accomplished business owners. Maybe you’ve imagined a flock of seasoned analysts […]

Jun 1

6 Common Small Business Marketing Beginner Mistakes (You Don’t Want to Make)

Along the way of establishing your small business, there have undoubtedly been triumphs as well as mistakes. Don’t you wish someone had told you what those mistakes might be beforehand? Unfortunately we don’t have a time machine and you probably know more about your niche than we do, but we can warn you about these […]

May 30

Plan and Survive Website Crashes in 4 Steps

‘Hey.. Did you see your website’s down?’ If you’ve ever received a message like this from a friend or employee, you know the feeling of anxiety it brings. Your first thoughts are the pain and money this will cost your business. You are fully aware that opportunities fly out the window each minute your website […]