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About OSC

Based in Southern Maine, OSC Web Design was formed out of a love for helping businesses from small to large. Our goal has always been to help businesses develop their brand online. From a website redesign to a start up looking to make it big, OSC has what it takes to bring your business to the next level. Formed in the beginning of 2011, OSC has grown each year while adding valuable assets to our company to make sure your online experience goes as smoothly as possible.

OSC Web Design focuses on small businesses that are in the trade business, such as electricians, plumbers, fitness centers and more. Our other main niche is working with fleet fueling companies to help gain a better only presence for customer experience. Our websites are made responsive so that you can view your website on multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and of course your desktop and laptop. Contact OSC Web Design today to get started with a new website that showcases your expertise!