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Let’s talk delight.

When you encounter a new-to-you business, delight isn’t typically one of the results you anticipate. Professionalism, competence, and expediency are what you expect.

When was the last time a business wowed you with something that you weren’t expecting? Was it extra special customer service? Was it fabulous education surrounding the item you just bought? Was it as simple as a shout-out on social media, hammering home the fact that every customer is important to that business?

As a business owner, you probably remember the early days of being online. There were static websites with brochure-like content. In those days, one good animated .gif or flowing water JavaScript could take your business from basic to extraordinary.

Now, however, it takes a lot more than simple graphics to knock the socks off your customers. It entails a unique mix of interactivity and content to not only attract new inbound customers, but also to keep them once they have arrived. With some forethought and attention to your marketing plan, you can be the business that delights your visitors and turns them into lifelong buyers.

Use Social Media Effectively

Too many businesses look at social media as a format for selling, instead of what it is: social media. Users of these services aren’t looking for someone to bombard them with everything that’s for sale, every hour of the day. They’re looking for interactivity – a human face to put on a business that they interact with. Create posts using the Inbound marketing technique: share content such as blogs, interesting or entertaining social media posts, links to related content and answering questions. Having a conversation with fans and followers, will catch far more attention than ten posts in a row espousing holiday sales.

Think of it this way: social media is like a cocktail party in someone’s living room. If you went to a party and immediately started forcing your business cards into everyone’s hands and yelling about some sale you were having that week, the chances are that people would tune you out pretty quickly, or kick you out altogether. You essentially do the same thing when you enter social media and don’t even try to be social. You come across as the weird guy at the party and earn far more “un-follows” and “mutes” than you do new inbound customers.

The only way to delight viewers coming in from social media is to engage with them as people. Give them content at a ratio of about 8:1; eight helpful, useful posts to one sales post. More than eight is fine; less than eight starts to look like self-promotion and which turns many social media users off. If you’re going to invest time in inbound marketing, you want to get the best results from your efforts and delight your followers.

Attract the Right Searchers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of finding and utilizing the keywords and phrases that searchers are looking for, in order to move your business to the top of the rankings with Google and other search engines. While this sounds elementary, it is a science to evaluate the data and find out who’s searching for what you offer and when.

You can also rank differently on different pages with different keywords. For effective inbound marketing, try customizing your content to particular keywords; direct a searcher to a particular page offering related articles and an offer for your services. If you rank highly for the term “landscaping ideas in London”, provide a PDF of D.I.Y. projects that anyone can do to improve a yard and a coupon for a percentage of your professional services. You reinforce your business name in that searcher’s mind and also get them on your mailing list with ease.

For more information on attracting qualified leads with keywords, check out our blog ‘Convert More With Intent-Driven Keyword Research’.

Content is Key

It takes some effort, but regular blogging results in almost 97% more incoming links to your site. Despite this, business blogs are regularly updated only 55% of the time. Don’t miss out on a huge opportunity. Blog about your business. Blog about your customers. Blog about your employees or your suppliers. Blog your customer’s questions and biggest successes.

Just be sure to blog. Blog content that will keep your visitors interested and your customers engaged. Interested visitors become engaged customers, and faithful customers spend more money with you.

It does take time and effort to exceed your clients’ expectations with inbound marketing, but the results and increases to your lead generation and bottom line are well worth every second and every cent. Focus on providing value and attention and delight can rule the day.

Let us know, how do you plan to engage and wow your customers? What strategies do you plan to use to go from good to great?

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