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Why Your Distribution Company Isn’t Succeeding Online

Distribution or Warehouse company website design

Marketing has changed drastically for wholesalers and distributors. Not only have customers grown to rely on user friendly Ecommerce platforms, but COVID has forced companies to do business solely online more than ever.

Here’s why your distribution company isn’t succeeding online.  

Your website isn’t up to par.

Forget Ecommerce for a moment. If you don’t have a website at all or don’t have a user friendly, expertly designed website, your customers are going to think twice about doing business with you. 

After all, 75% of people base their opinion of a website on design, according to Digital Apeel. That means it’s high time to get your website up to code (pun intended).

Digital Marketing for Distribution Website

You don’t have product listings.

Again, forget about Ecommerce functionality right now and the ability to purchase products directly from your website. If your distribution company isn’t even listing the products you offer, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Not only do potential customers miss what they can purchase from you, but you’re also losing out on potential SEO benefits too. Your customers are searching for products just like yours online and, if you don’t have product listings on your site, you’re never going to be found for them.

Wholesale website isn't selling products

You’re relying too heavily on salespeople.

Many distribution companies thrive successfully on a sales team model. That doesn’t have to change.

However, by providing a powerful website to backup your salespeople, you’re giving your business a better chance of making the sale and a new customer relationship. 

A professional website full of well-crafted product listings will give potential customers a place to see what your business has to offer before, during, and after their interaction with your sales team. Plus, the sales rep can still get credit for the purchase. That’s how they work together for a common goal.

You’re not adopting digital marketing into the mix.

Your quarterly company newsletter may have helped boost sales in the early 2000’s, but your customer base is yearning for much more now.

Customers want to be engaged through helpful and resourceful content. That can certainly come in a regular email newsletter (which still boasts the highest conversion rates of most online marketing tactics), a blog, social media, or even video marketing. 

Expanding your digital marketing efforts will not only engage your existing customers you’re there to serve, but it will also help reach new potential customers, as well.

How is your distribution company faring online? Are you succeeding with these practices or do you have some more work to do?

If you need help creating a digital marketing presence that represents your distribution business and reaches your target market, contact us at OSC Web Design. 

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