How Website Loading Speed Affects Your Business [Infographic]

How Website Loading Speed Affects You

If you find yourself becoming frustrated by your own website’s slow loading speed, we guarantee you’re not the only one. Considering that 47% of customers expect web pages to load in 2 seconds or less, your visitors aren’t likely to be as forgiving.

Wondering how website loading speed affects your business in the long run? We’ll share with you how a slow website can wreak havoc.

Hurts User-Experienceloading speed effects

In the world of web design, success is marked by great user-experience. Great user-experience is a result of easy navigation, clean design, and most importantly, a fast website loading speed.

Reduces Conversions

Imagine you’re on a mission to find the best local cleaning company. Carry’s Cleaners looks promising, but their website is so slow you’re having a difficult time viewing their services. As you tap your fingers on the keyboard, you grow more and more impatient.

Forget it! You click back and choose a competitor of Carry’s Cleaners instead. This scenario is happening to businesses across the world every single day.

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Counters SEO Efforts

If a user clicks on a website in search engine results that has an extended load time, did they find what they were looking for? Probably not.

Search engines like Google are constantly tweaking their algorithms to better serve their searchers. They continue to place greater emphasis on positive user-experience by looking at the mobile-friendliness of websites as well as loading speed.

Google doesn’t want dissatisfied searchers, so their best option is to knock slow websites down until they get their act together.

Costs Money

The worst way a slow loading speed affects your business is by far costing you money. While initially it can cost less to stay with the same, slow website speed, it’s far more money out of your pocket in the long run.

Even if you don’t conduct transactions on your website like an eCommerce business, when people abandon your website before contacting you – you’ve lost another customer.

The Infographic

Skilled designed the following infographic on data from 12 case studies.

To test your website loading speed, enter your url into this website speed tester. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, it’s time to speed things up!

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