Web Design for Travel Basketball Teams: 6 Must-Haves

Web Design for Travel Basketball Teams: 6 Must-Haves

Your travel basketball team is killing it on the court. Your current web design, however, is falling short of even sub-par. What exactly is your website missing?

Here are 5 must-haves your team’s web design should include.

1. Team RosterWeb Design for Travel Basketball Teams: Roster
Player Stats for Travel Basketball Team Website

If your team roster is available on your website in a PDF file, it probably doesn’t look integrated with your website. With a roster that’s built in with it’s own page, your team will be siked to check up on it often and view their stats.

In some cases, PDF files can prove difficult to open depending on the device they’re viewed on. Not to mention that they’re difficult for coaches to update and must be re-added into the website each time.

2. Event Calendar/Schedule

Are you still printing out physical calendars and taping them to the wall? Or perhaps you have a calendar on your current website, but it’s difficult to use or laggy.

A user-friendly schedule is most definitely a must-have for keeping players up-to-date on games, practice, and cancellations. This eliminates the confusion of outdated schedules and misplacing papers.

Another bonus is that most modern online schedules include areas to list event prices, organizers, phone numbers, and even an interactive map of the location. Forget about relaying the same message to multiple players!

3. eCommerce Store
eCommerce Store for Basketball Team Site

ECommerce isn’t just for businesses making a livelihood online. An eCommerce store can serve as a secure and convenient way for players to purchase uniforms and pay fees.

Player’s parents will no longer need to be tracked down; athletes can simply remind them to complete the transaction online. While they’re there, they may just want to purchase some fan apparel to wear to the next game!

4. Registration Form

How many times have you had to nag players to get registration forms completed? One day they lose the form, the next day they had it filled out only to forget it at home. All with the deadline fast approaching..

With an online registration form, players can register online quickly and even upload a permission form. Submissions get delivered directly to your email inbox, preventing misplacements and disorganization.

In a time when young adults are online far more than they have a pen handy, an online registration form is a must-have.

5. Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design for Basketball Travel Teams
Responsive design – the same website adjusts fluidly to any device it’s viewed on.

You’ve probably heard of mobile-friendly web design before. Responsive design is a one-up from that. A responsive design can be viewed appropriately on all screen sizes and devices – desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

If you’ve ever encountered a non-responsive web design before, you’ll know exactly why this is important. Websites that are designed strictly for desktop computers, will usually appear distorted and even impossible to navigate when viewing on a mobile device.

In 2017, responsive design is a must-have for every website.

6. Style

Last, but certainly not least, your web design should have style. You really don’t have to be a corporate money-making machine to get a great web design anymore.

Stylish web design is available to the masses – you just have to find the right web designer!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Sure, these web design must-haves sound great, but how can they fit into my team’s budget?”

With entry fees, equipment, and other various expenses, there’s hardly enough money in the budget to go around.. No way your travel basketball team is dropping $5k+ on a website.

Luckily, you don’t have to! Here at OSC, we’re big basketball fans. We’ve seen teams struggle to get an appealing website that’s budget-friendly. Because of this, we set out to create a new, more affordable, stylish web design option for travel basketball teams.

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