3 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

3 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

We’ve talked about how to take your small business web presence to the next level, but it’s time to hit a heavy topic: the small business web design mistakes that small businesses make.

1. Choosing free or cheap web design.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is going with a cheap, free, or DIY website. Typically, these types of websites tend to be unprofessional in the way they look and difficult to use for visitors.

On top of the time, energy, and possibly money that businesses spend on these cheap websites – in an attempt to save money – often, they’ll have to redesign and redevelop the site through a reputable and professional web design company.

2. Stock or low quality imagery.

Stock photography can be fantastic, so don’t get us wrong. However, there are a number of stock images that you’ll see…everywhere. On every website and for every type of business. You’ve seen them: they’ll usually be a smiling man or woman. So feel free to use stock imagery, but stay away from the cliché photos.

Low quality imagery is even worse. Grainy or poorly lit images are going to be an immediate indicator to potential customers that you are unprofessional and not up to the standards of your future clientele.

3. Not keeping their audience in mind.

Last, but certainly not least, are those web designs that don’t put the target audience first and foremost. These designs range from those that are too simplistic and unprofessional to those that are too far ahead of their audience. For example, for a very businesslike and professional niche, having a website that is too simple and unprofessional looking is very detrimental. On the flip side, a website with perhaps a less web savvy audience that is too technologically advanced can shy customers away.

The rule of thumb is easy: create your website for your audience first and foremost.

What are the biggest mistakes you’ve seen?

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