7 Ways Small Businesses Have an Edge Over Big Corporations

7 Ways Small Businesses Have an Edge Over Big Corporations

If you own a small business, it’s likely you’ve peered up at the corporate giants before and felt discouraged. Money can be powerful and they sure have a lot of it. Little do you know that there are a number of ways small businesses have an edge over big corporations.

Yes, money can be powerful, but your small business has the underestimated power of the underdog.

1. Small businesses are adaptable.

Once a big corporation commits to a marketing strategy, it’s very difficult for them to then allocate their marketing budget elsewhere. It’s not uncommon for them to stick with the same ineffective methods for years, solely because their marketing team will have to jump through hoops to convince management a change should be made.

Small businesses say, “Let’s try it!” while big corporations say, “We need more data first.”

2. Small businesses can focus on a niche market.

Big businesses focus their efforts on the largest ROI. They usually don’t use resources on something unless it’s guaranteed to be a big win. Little wins can add up to a big ROI as well. Niche marketing attracts more qualified leads, reduced marketing costs, greater trust and credibility, as well as less competition.

3. Small businesses can spot trends and capitalize on them first.small business risks

Because small businesses are so adaptable they can be the first adapters. They can be the ones to make a gamble that pays off.

Who got the ball rolling on social media? Small businesses. Big corporations were still gathering their troops and debating whether social media would be a good investment.

When the marketing department is so far unattached from the decision makers, they’re more concerned about wasting their time and taking a gamble that may result in their termination.

4. Small businesses are more personal.

It’s unfortunate that small businesses often consider their biggest advantage a drawback. If your business consists of you and two other employees, don’t pretend there’s more!

Feature your team proudly on an ‘about us’ section of your website. This assures potential customers that they’ll be dealing with a real person who will probably still be around if they have a problem. Talking to one of a thousand customer service representatives is unsettling and impersonal.

5. Small businesses have better communication.

Communication means so much more for your company than better relationships. For example:

  • Employees will tell you when there’s a problem.
  • No bureaucratic feel. The owner’s vision for the business is clearly communicated to the rest of the business.
  • Encourages innovation. Employees will feel inspired to share their ideas with the business.
  • A happier business! It’s obvious to customers when employees are happy at your business and enjoy their jobs.

6. Small businesses keep the owner involved.

When a business still needs input and efforts from the owner to run properly, the passion and drive still remains. The company’s performance directly reflects on them, they don’t want to be known for shoddy service and a failed company.

Small business owners remember the idea they had at the birth of their business and it still motivates them.


7. People love an underdog.

Believe it or not, people invest in people just as much as they invest in the product. Have you ever been to a restaurant, sat at the bar, and had a conversation with the owner? If you have, you’ll know that restaurant regulars come back for that person- not just the food.

No bureaucratic baloney, hoop jumping, or breaks in communication.. Are you feeling a little more proud of your small biz?

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