6 Tips for the Best Landscaping Website

6 Tips for the Best Landscaping Website

Just like many of the trees you’ve planted, you’ve grown your business from the ground up. With all the decent clothes you’ve ruined with grass stains and the times you’ve almost cut your arm off with a chainsaw, you deserve a website that reflects your hard work. Don’t cut yourself short, follow these tips for the best landscaping website.

1. Prominently display your work.

Too many businesses neglect their portfolio. Consumers are visual creatures, and landscaping is no exception. Website visitors don’t want to just read about your great work – they want to see it.

Take it a step further than your portfolio. Provide your web designer with images of jobs you are most proud of to integrate into your website design. This will be the first greeting to visitors so be sure to select wisely and use high-quality images.

2. Use a strategy to rank higher in search engine results.

When a consumer looks out their window at a lawn full of brown grass and decides they need a landscaper, what is their next step? They jump onto Google and type ‘landscapers near me’ or something similar.

The results list a multitude of landscaping websites, with the first page most likely to be what they’re looking for. It can be a blessing and a curse having a local business, and in the case of search results it’s a blessing. When users are looking for landscapers close by, this cuts out much of your competition.

Still, SEO (search engine optimization) is usually still needed to improve results. SEO is a confusing term that simply refers to techniques for ranking higher in search results.

Here are a few of the approaches used in a SEO service:

  • Keyword audit to determine which keywords your business should target.
  • Placing keywords strategically throughout your website and coding.
  • Content creation (often blogs) including keywords and relevant backlinks to credible websites.
  • Social media marketing to gain more backlinks and traffic.
  • Ranking in local search results involves additional techniques.

Sound confusing? Learn more in this SEO beginner’s guide for small businesses.

3. Don’t forget testimonials.

Having a reputation for quality work and service is the bloodline for your landscaping business. Word travels quickly when you’re local, and this can save you money sometimes when it comes to marketing.

Online businesses need thousands of reviews to establish trust. In a smaller community, even 10 reviews from local customers are viewed as credible to other locals. Including testimonials in your navigation bar and even in a slider on your homepage helps users arrive at their purchase decision sooner.

Send out emails to each of your previous/existing clients to request that they leave reviews for your landscaping business on Google and Facebook. Google reviews will show up as stars next to your business’s name, something that really helps you stand out from the competition.

Resist the temptation to leave reviews for your own business.. Google cross-references reviewers and trickery can come back to bite you.

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4. Quick contact information.

Landscaping customers often visit websites for quick contact information. They may have already heard of you by word of mouth, or need to know when you’re swinging by with some mulch. It’s a user-friendly move to display a phone number at the top of your website.

5. Help your target audience through ‘the buyer’s journey’.

Newspaper ads and radio commercials are becoming a thing of the past. Consumers don’t like to be interrupted by commercials and skim past most advertisements. This form of traditional “outbound” marketing includes methods like telemarketing, TV commercials, and other unwelcome interruptions.

Businesses are beginning to market differently and are adopting the “inbound” methodology. With this approach, you recognize that users want to research products online and come to their own conclusions – this is referred to as the buyer’s journey. Instead of trying to force against this, inbound marketing compliments it.

By producing useful content relating to your landscaping services, you help move consumers through their journey and towards your business. Not only is it more effective, inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads.

Learn more with this article on inbound marketing for beginners.

6. Be on social media.Social media for landscaping businesses

You already know that your business needs to be where the customers are. Guess where approximately 2 billion of them are? That’s right, social media.

Not only do users want to show their support by liking or following your page, they often search platforms like Facebook for business operating hours and contact information. Most users have grown to expect to find businesses on social media.

By posting regularly your services will be kept in the front of people’s minds, and give your business a voice. Promoting blog posts here will increase website traffic and help Google to rank you higher in search results.

Maybe after a long day of managing employees and working in the sun, the last thing you have time for is tedious web development and marketing. Well, the team at OSC Web Design is here for you. As a matter of fact, we don’t find marketing and web design tedious – it’s actually our passion!

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