Stop Working So Hard: Attract Customers to You

Work smarter, not harder.

The human race has a pattern of looking for the “easy way”. While cutting corners on a brain surgery isn’t recommended, you can sometimes pull it off with your business marketing. The key is to do it the smart, easy way.

Technology is a prime example of this. It allows us to connect with the world with a few button clicks. This connection opens up endless opportunities for businesses and the key is to take advantage of them.

If you are fed up with working so hard to reach customers, begin attracting them to you by adopting these strategic approaches.

Define Your Buyer Personas

You can be the most persistent marketer in the world and it would be all a waste if you don’t know your target audience. By knowing their goals, concerns, and demographics, you can begin marketing to them in the way they prefer.

Finding which networks they are present on is the first step. Next, when are they likely to be online? What do their daily activities look like? What kind of content interests them most?

Tailor every part of your marketing to fit your buyer personas. You will be rewarded with loyal customers who feel understood and believe your business aligns with them.

Use The Inbound Approach

Even the name of inbound marketing represents lead attraction. It certainly sounds more positive than outbound marketing!

The purchase process has changed significantly with the web. Aggressive sales approaches no longer work. Before buying anything, users want to look up reviews and research. They want to come to their own conclusions and be certain they’re not getting ripped off.

By producing blogs, whitepapers, and other quality content pieces, you can begin giving users what they’re looking for. Educating them in their pre-purchase research helps nurture them through the process and point them in the right direction.

Instead of searching for leads, qualified leads visit your website on their own accord. Another bonus is that content can remain on the internet virtually forever. Unlike a 30 second commercial, content is a permanent marketing piece.

Make Your Website Less Painful

Extensive website redesigns every 2 years are rough for most businesses. Searching for the right web design firm, filling out contracts, and basing your entire design on what you hope might work can be stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep one design that would be current forever?

Let’s face it – the way the internet is going it’s unlikely to ever stop changing and
improving. If the internet keeps changing, in order to stay relevant your website will need to as well. The solution to your website overhaul woes is the alternative to traditional web design:
growth-driven design (GDD).

With GDD there are no more guessing games or risky redesigns. Every month, your web developer will present you will real data from your own website on how different features are performing and converting.

Because of this you will know know exactly what should be changed and maintain a maximum conversion rate. Your website will never be outdated. The best part? You don’t have to scramble for any more exhaustive website redesigns!

Help Google Help You

Google has developed a very successful system for sorting website relevancy and presenting searchers with what they want. Even though their system involves a complex ranking algorithm, many of the most important factors have been discovered such as:

  • Amount of website content (the more, the better).
  • Credible backlinks from other websites.
  • Keywords placed in correct coding.
  • No fishy tactics detected (keyword stuffing, link farms and the like).

By learning Google’s language or finding someone who knows it, you have the ability to rank higher in search results. Search engine optimization is a popular service that directly addresses this. There will be no need to make cold calls or send massive email SPAM, qualified users interested in your business will find you directly!

Pawn Off the Work

If you’re already stuffing 24 hours of work into a 12 hour work day, maybe it would be best to hire a marketing firm. Since this is their full time job, they not only have time to market your business effectively, they have the tools and experience to do it with confidence.

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