Stop Wasting Your Time: 5 Steps to Attract QUALIFIED Leads

Stop Wasting Your Time: 5 Steps to Attract QUALIFIED Leads

Have you ever spent time helping a potential customer, only to realize they were completely unlikely to make a purchase to begin with? Maybe you chalk it all up to the necessary “sales process”.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”8Uvfz” via=”yes” ]Each moment you waste on a bad lead is money out of your pocket. Stop selling yourself short; focus on qualified leads. @OSC_WebDesign[/ctt]

Give your future self a hand by attracting qualified leads with these 5 steps.

Step 1: Use long-tail keywords.keyword research seo

Not only will vague, short, keywords have a high amount of competition, the users searching them may want to find something completely different. Being specific ensures you’ll attract users at the right stage in their buyer’s cycle.

For example, someone searching ‘2016 toyota tacoma maine’ is probably closer to making a purchase decision than someone simply searching ‘toyota tacoma’.

Step 2: Determine user intent.

Instead of selecting keywords solely by their search popularity and competition, think about why users are searching them.

For example, you own a camera store and notice the long-tail phrase ‘how to get blurry background on canon rebel t3i’ has a high search volume and low competition. What is the intent of users searching that?

While the phrase may make for a popular blog post and drive traffic, it’s likely that these users already own that specific camera. Knowing this, you’ll have to steer away from that or take a different approach and assume they’re not actively searching for a new camera (yet!).

Step 3: Consider listing prices openly.

This step may make you shudder, but it could be the right move for your business. Although it depends on your products and services, having prices or price ranges listed openly can save time on wasted consultations. For some people, the mystery of price is enough to drive them away completely when they could have been customers.

Facebook has even added a ‘services’ section to business pages with an option to enter price. Take advantage of this directly from social media!

Step 4: Make it obvious what your business offers.

You probably already know that your website’s homepage should clearly explain what your business offers, but what about other pages?

Studies show website visitors are increasingly “coming in the side door”. This means they’ll discover your website through a side page, often a blog, rather than landing directly on your homepage.

You may have a number of users reading your blog without ever realizing what your business offers. Try adding a small, permanent one liner on the sidebar stating what your company does.

Step 5: Learn from past interactions.

If you receive five requests a week for deliveries and this isn’t something you offer, save yourself time. Make it clear on your website exactly what you do. When these instances happen repeatedly, it’s a sign that something isn’t being explained adequately.

Think of the possibilities that a couple of hours a day can bring to your life. With the previous 5 steps, you’ll have the ability to maximize your time. How will you use the extra time freed up in your future?

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