What is social media influencer marketing and is it right for me?

Before social media, would you have believed that careers could be built off a series of selfies? Or that companies would pay social media celebs… big? Nevertheless, with millions of eyeballs around the world glued to social platforms, it didn’t take long for stars to monetize their exposure through social media influencer marketing.

One pinch of talent, two pinches of tenacity, and three pinches of resourcefulness makes for the brilliant recipe that brands want in on.

What is social media influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing uses the exposure and voice of leaders to reach audiences. This type of marketing capitalizes on people’s trust in their idols’ opinions and desire to imitate them. When you pair influencer marketing with social media, you have a less salesy way for influencers to quickly advertise your brand.

Contrary to popular belief, social media stars like Kim Kardashian are far from brainless narcissists. Like a business, promoting their personal brands takes work. Behind each “spontaneous” selfie is a strategy.

Here’s what Kim Kardashian has to say in an interview with 60 Minutes about influencer marketing and her fame:

Recent research from Twitter shows that it isn’t a matter of whether social media influencer marketing works, it’s if it works for your brand:

Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.

Is social media influencer marketing right for my brand?

Before you leap onto the bandwagon, there are a few points you should consider.

  • Your audience’s current engagement.

If interaction with your social media posts has plummeted, it may be time to switch it up with influencer marketing. We may find our own brands fascinating, but most people prefer to read and engage with content shared by an actual person.

  • Does your audience care about influencers?

  • Every audience is different, and it’s a possibility that influencers don’t translate well to your niche at all. Be sure to have a comprehensive understanding of your audience and their likes and dislikes before shelling out cash.
  • Social media influencer marketing can get pricey.

Are you prepared to sell your firstborn for this? If not, you’ll have to forget about big influencers like the Kardashians.

social media influencer marketing on instagram

Other options…

If you feel like social media influencer marketing just isn’t right for your business, there are additional (and often more affordable) ways to pay for increased exposure on social media.

  • Purchase social post time slots.

Like influencer marketing, “renting” time slots from popular social media accounts can help you reach more users and increase your own followers. Starting at just $10, they can fit any budget.

  • Invest in social media ads.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer quite advanced advertising options that allow you to stretch you dollar further and target niche groups.

If you strategically team your brand up with the right influencer, social media influencer marketing could be a fantastic choice for your business. However, as with all forms of marketing, it’s important to have a variety of techniques in your toolbox. Never neglect your inbound marketing efforts – our personal favorite here at OSC!

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