9 Signs You Desperately Need a Website Redesign

Have you ever wondered what people really think when they visit your website? Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, especially that which could be considered insulting.

You don’t need an outspoken friend to determine if your web design is begging for a redesign. Just take a moment and look for one of these 9 tell-tale signs.

1. Your website isn’t responsive.

With mobile use now surpassing desktop, it’s crucial to have a responsive website design. When your website is responsive, it means that all users will be able to view it correctly on all devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design
Caption: Image courtesy of Ruksana Shaikh

As you can see in the image above, the website on the left is cut off and will be very difficult if not impossible to navigate for mobile users.

2. Your website doesn’t flow with branding.

Your website is prime real estate to further strengthen branding. If the current design includes colors, font, text, and images that simply don’t match your business, this can be confusing and counter efforts to promote brand recognition.

3. Your website isn’t converting visitors.

You shouldn’t have a website just because everyone else does. A website should play a key role in your business: to drive online leads to you.

If website visitors aren’t contacting you or making purchases, your website is missing a defined sales funnel. Calls-to-action are an important piece of this and they should be placed strategically throughout your website.

4. Your website has Flash.

Website With Flash is Outdated

Did you know mobile devices don’t support Flash? That’s right. If you’re viewing Pharrell Williams’ website via mobile, you won’t be so happy.

There are many more reasons why Flash has past it’s prime, and most of them center around usability. Of course you want a beautiful design, but user-experience is a must.

5. Your website ignores social media.

It’s no secret that social media is the new craze for consumers and businesses alike… And it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon. Depending on your business, integrating social posts right into your web design can help boost interaction, or at the very least you should have social icons with links.

6. Your website is ranking below competitors.

If you’re less concerned about conversion and more about getting traffic in the first place, perhaps your website is lost in search engine results. Nowadays, most businesses are taking measures to work on search engine optimization (SEO) and rank higher in search engine results like Google.

If your business is neglecting SEO, you risk never reaching the eyes of potential customers. You no longer have to be an eCommerce business for ranking to matter.

7. Your website features very stock-like photos.

Hey, we get it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to grab a few stock photos rather than set up a photoshoot and hire pro photographers.

Unfortunately, some stock photos are in a class all of their own. They’re what we call obvious. Need an example? Check out one of the parody stock photos actors Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson posed for.

Stock Photos are outdated
Work can be fun… but who is ever THIS happy?

8. Your website doesn’t have a contact form.

This is a real problem! We’ve seen it more than you’d think too. You head on over to a website’s contact page, and lo and behold there’s no contact form… Just a line of text that says ‘You can email us a [email protected]’.

If a customer wants to contact you to make a purchase, this creates one more step that may deter them. If they’re trying to reach out regarding an issue, it’s sure to pour a bit of gas on the fire.

9. Your website pages sound like essays.

There’s a time and a place for essays, and even in school they’re no fun. If your website pages are very text-heavy, it won’t take long for eyes to glaze over.

Here at OSC Web Design, many of our clients are business owners who lack the time or desire to write their website’s content. Our solution is to pair professional SEO-driven copywriting services with web design!

Has your website stood the test of time? Whether you’re in need of a complete redesign or just a few quick updates, we’re here to help!

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