Running Out of Engaging Content Marketing Ideas for Your Landscaping Business?

Running Out of Engaging Content Marketing Ideas for Your Landscaping Business?

In a digital world, your website is often the first avenue for marketing. If you have a landscaping business, online marketing is even more significant and challenging. There is a large amount of competition in your field. You struggle to find the time to market your business online as well as manage day-to-day activities.

Creating engaging content marketing ideas for your landscaping business is one of the best ways to market your business online and is worth the extra effort. If you happen to be running out of ideas for marketing the content on your site, you need to take a step back and analyze your business and how it fits in the market.

Landscaping companies offer a unique, often seasonal service. Because the service economy is growing each year, there is a lot of competition. Getting your business’s site to rank well on Google requires much more work and high-quality content and savvy marketing techniques.

Your Weakness is a Strength

Creating such intriguing content marketing ideas for your landscaping business and its website is vital for marketing. When coming up with ideas, understand that one of your business’s greatest weaknesses is also one of its strengths.

Although there is a sizable number of companies willing to satisfy landscaping needs for consumers, there is still a large enough demand for your business to fit into the market and make a good profit.

By focusing on great content and an excellent website, you will already be ahead of the competition. Content serves as a form of marketing for your site as it helps rank your site in Google, which allows people to find your site. To get the word out about your business and to attract new customers, you will need very in-depth content. To start creating that content, you need first to brainstorm interesting content marketing ideas for your landscaping business.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

A mix of industry news alongside tips and concrete landscaping topics such as gardening and seasonal landscaping provides a steady stream of subjects. Blogging about industry news keeps your blog current and drives more traffic to the blog as consumers do their research. Reading other popular online landscaping blogs will give you a feel for creating the type of content readers are searching.

A simple Google search into professional landscaping blogs will give you a variety of options. Referencing these authority blogs will help lend more credence to your blog and lead others to it especially when you are starting out.

Popular content includes DIY topics such as the proper mowing of a lawn. Although this seems counter-intuitive to give potential customers this type of information, it provides verification that your business has a high level of expertise. Over time, a blog that provides updated, useful information will encourage visitors to become customers.

Target Local Traffic

Another idea for engaging more customers is to make it both regional and search engine friendly. Because landscaping services often must be specialized depending on the region, focusing on the area you are in is more efficient for marketing. If you were located in Maine, you would develop a local SEO strategy that speaks to residents there.

Because Maine has a Northern climate, specific landscaping needs (such as snow removal) are to be expected. However, Maine also has a climate that is unique to the region. Landscaping should take into account the seaside nature of Maine as well as local flora and plant-life.

A project in Portland, Maine, for example, could feature plants such as fern and bayberry or local woods such as cedar. Seaside landscaping such as in Maine would probably need to factor in specific challenges like high winds and sandy soil. A landscaping company that understands the needs of a particular location is more efficient to the customer.

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