11 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring Web Designer

It’s that dreaded time again- time for a website redesign. You’ve spent a couple of hours scouring the web for the best in-budget web design company and the only development has been your pounding headache.

Selecting the right web design company for your business can be difficult, but only if you don’t know what to look for. Start by asking these 11 key questions and the rest will fall into place.

Hire Smart

1. Do they know how to market?

It’s a given that web designers should know how to put together an appealing layout and design, but businesses often overlook the marketing component. If a web design company is clueless on how to create a conversion-centered design, you can count on a pretty website with an ineffective sales strategy.

2. Will I need to hire a separate developer?

Be aware that some web designers will only provide you with a design mockup. This mockup will need to be taken elsewhere for actual coding, website development and unfortunately additional pricing. To avoid these inconveniences, ask your designer if they have already partnered with a developer, or better yet- if they provide both services!

3. Do they offer Growth Driven Design (GDD)?

If a web design team keeps updated with new marketing techniques, they should offer GDD as a service. GDD focuses on continuous improvement driven by data. This service requires that the web designer works with you on a recurring basis to increase your website conversion rate.

4. What is their track record?

Take a look at their portfolio. If you are unable to locate their past work, this could be a red flag. Reputable web designers are proud of their past assignments and prominently display them. Look for a wide range of designs and various business types.

5. Can they design my business logo?

Since consistent branding is so important, you want to ensure that your web design company selection can either match the style of your current logo, or produce a new one. Many designers offer logo creation at a small additional charge.

6. Do we have chemistry?

While website design is far from speed dating, keep in mind that you’ll have frequent interaction with your web designer. They should be helpful and consider your opinions throughout the design.

7. Will I need eCommerce and do they offer it?

Many businesses have started shifting their focus from brick and mortar stores to internet sales. Limits such as business hours and location reach become irrelevant. If a web design company has a seasoned coder on staff, they will be able to fully customize your online store.

8. Are they in my budget?

You probably don’t need to be reminded to ask this question! One point to keep in mind, is cost vs. value. It’s great if you can find an inexpensive web design company, but only if the website produced is effective. Sometimes it’s worth shelling out a little more initially for greater ROI.

9. Do their designs match my vision?

Ask yourself this question while browsing through your potential web designer’s portfolio and website. Each site should be professional and completely optimized at a minimum. Without an optimized website, your business will likely miss out on mobile and tablet users.

10. Will they be able maintain my website or will I need to hire someone else?

Over time, aspects of your business will change and the internet itself is routinely shifting. To avoid troublesome and unprofessional “error” pages, upkeep is inevitable.

11. How do they assess results?

The entire point of a website redesign is to see results! If a web design company promises more traffic to your website but is never able to produce data, they are wasting your time and resources. Ask how they measure keyword rankings, bounce rates, conversions and traffic.

Get Excited

Stop procrastinating your search and start getting excited. A new design could mean huge growth and opportunities for your business! Along the way, you are bound to come up with more questions. Your web design company is available to help you- it’s likely you don’t often use designer lingo and shouldn’t hesitate to request clarification.

Now that you are armed with the tools for web designer selection, you can begin envisioning a new, state-of-the-art website with confidence!

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