Press Release 201: Which PRWeb Package Is Right for Your Company?

Press Release 201: Which PRWeb Package Is Right for Your Company?

Last time we talked about press releases, we talked about how to get started when you write one. Today, we’re going to dive into what PRWeb package is going to give you the best bang for your buck.

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With 5 options to choose from, picking the right news release package can be daunting. Here are some helpful tips and tricks about each of the packages to help you make a great buying decision!

Basic: “Get your name out there”

The basic program is perfect for someone new to the press release world. Your release will be placed on, along with submission to the search engines and major news sites.

The pros: At only $99 each, these releases are great for a PR newbie.

The cons: You will only be able to include one link with this release.

Who’s it for? Your first press release.

Price tag: $99

Standard: “Get people talking about you”

Slightly more robust than the basic program, the Standard program offers more visibility to subscribers and bloggers.

The pros: You add the benefit of a quote call out.

The cons: You still will only be able to include one link with this release. Also, the information provided about who these additional bloggers and subscribers are is vague at best.

Who’s it for? From what we can tell? No one. You’re not getting a whole lot of extra here, so you might as well save the $60 and go for the basic package!

Price tag: $159

Advanced: “Drive business to your door”

With the Advanced release, you’ll receive everything you did in the standard, plus a few more added benefits.

The pros: You’ll receive additional placement in industry feeds and premium news sites. You’ll also be able to add text links and an optimized photo with this option, which is important for SEO.

The cons: You don’t get the option of including a video…yet.

Who’s it for? This package is a great middle-of-the-line option. You may not have the ability to add video (so step up to premium if you have a good one!), but you are able to have far more SEO friendly options than the lower two packages.

Price tag: $249

Premium: “Grab the world’s attention”

The Premium option is for those companies able to spend more on a press release and who need video embedding functionality.

The pros: Include an embedded video in your release. Your release will also be placed on national news sites through the Associated Press.

The cons: You’re essentially paying $100 to embed a video.

Who’s it for? This package is ideal for those companies who have produced an excellent video. If you’re not going to include a video in your release, go with the Advanced option.

Price tag: $349

Financial: “Reach investors and analysts”

get-more-publicity-with-a-press-releaseThe top and final option, Financial, is really meant for those looking to reach investors.

The pros: Have your release published on top financial websites.

The cons: This package is unnecessary if you’re not trying to reach investors.

Who’s it for? The Financial package is truly for a company interested in financially-specific endeavors.

Price tag: $449

Note: You can also purchase bundles of releases at a discount by contacting Vocus.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your favorite press release package to use?

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