ASGR Basketball

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ASGR Basketball

ASGR Basketball is already well known for their great basketball events for teens. Throughout the spring and fall, hundreds of teams gather together to compete for prizes and recognition. ASGR knew it was time for a website upgrade and also wanted to offer event apparel for sale on the website.

OSC Web Design worked with ASGR to create a unique design, mobile optimization and eCommerce ability. From the ASGR website, the client was able to tie into event software, sell apparel, showcase sponsors and more. With the uniform customizer OSC built, ASGR teams now have the ability to create their own personalized uniforms to wear during events.

ASGR Basketball Homepage

What did OSC do for this project?


Customers can now customize event shirts, backpacks and uniforms for purchase directly from the website.


With OSC’s SEO service, this website is now ranking higher in popular search engine results.


This website was designed and tested for visibility on all devices and screen sizes.


As with all OSC eCommerce websites, ASGR now has the ability to encourage purchases by offering coupon codes.

ASGR Basketball is Fully Responsive