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Online Restaurant Ordering Platforms: Your Own Website vs. An App

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Is your restaurant considering online ordering via a website or an app? Are you having trouble deciding which one is right for you?

Never fear; OSC is here to help. Below you’ll find the benefits for keeping online restaurant orders on your website vs. on an app.

Website Restaurant Orders

Creating a safe, secure, and user friendly ordering system on your website is no easy feat, but doing so will ensure your customers are able to get exactly what they want from your menu.

If you choose to set up an online ordering option through a new or existing website, you’ll need to ensure that all the proper systems are in place. 

Your website needs to properly communicate with your POS system and inform your staff of what was ordered. In addition, you’ll need a talented web design and development team to create an ordering interface that is user friendly and secure for customers.

Website Benefits

  • Time and money savings
    The cost of design and development for a website is often far less than an app, including any ongoing costs.
  • SEO opportunities
    Keeping your ordering system in house will give you additional SEO benefits, as well as piggyback off any Search Engine Optimization efforts completed on the website itself. Conversely, apps have no SEO benefits whatsoever and have even more competition in contending for the top spots in the App Store.
  • Mobile friendly
    When built correctly, a website ordering system for your restaurant is still just as mobile friendly (or responsive) and user friendly as an app.
  • Fewer updates
    Unlike app development, website updates (though a reality) typically happen less often and are less financially taxing than app updates.

App Restaurant Orders

With so many smartphone users (81% of Americans, according to the Pew Research Center), it’s no wonder that so many restaurant owners are interested in app development for food ordering. 

Coupled with opportunities to work with third party apps like Uber Eats or GrubHub, using an app to sell your food may be the right fit for your business.

App Benefits

  • Mobile users
    With 90% of mobile time spent in apps (vs. browsers), according to Flurry, it stands to reason that mobile users are more comfortable and have a higher preference for using high quality apps.
  • GPS opportunities
    Offering geo-specific menu recommendations to your customers or even real time GPS delivery notifications will go far in your customers’ experience using your app. These features are unmatched in a website experience.
  • Convenience
    Apps often offer added convenience, such as saving payment methods, orders, and even food preferences. All of these settings offer added convenience to your customers.
  • Loyalty programs
    Apps allow for easier loyalty program integration for your restaurant. For instance, a “buy 10 sandwiches, get one free” program.

Which option makes more sense for your restaurant – the app or the website? Seeing the benefits side by side should help you make the decision that’s right for your business.

If you need help creating a website ordering system or app that represents your restaurant and reaches your target market, contact us at OSC Web Design. 

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