What You Need To Know About the WordPress 4.0 Update

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Last week, WordPress updated the CMS to the 4.0 version. While many were critical about how large the update was, it included a number of great features.

Better writing tools

Gone are the days where you have to manually stretch out your writing area; now, it’ll manually expand. To take it a step further, you’ll now always have access to your formatting tools.

Find the plugin you need

Sometimes it’s hard to find the plugin you’re in need of on WordPress. With the 4.0 update, added statistics and better search tools will help you find the right plugin that much faster!

Embedded media

WordPress now makes it even easier to embed media: specifically with a tweet or YouTube link. You no longer have to worry about including code to embed media yourself. Now, WordPress will do it for you!

Other notable features

  • Installation of WP in other languages will be even easier
  • Endless grid when uploading media
  • For developers: API for customizer panels and an update on the widgets section in customizer

All in all, this wasn’t a huge update. However, there were a few things that will make your WordPress experience that much more fantastic!

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