5 Reasons We Love Being a Maine Website Design Company

We Love Being a Maine Website Design Company

As a Maine website design company, we face a number of unique opportunities as well as challenges. Any entrepreneur can attest that business comes with it’s share of rough waters – but if you’re willing to stick it out, it’s worth the view.

There are many reasons that we love being a Maine website design company, here are just five of them.

1. The Maine website design community.

Maine website design community
Photo credit to @schnitterhans

With most physical web design offices off the beaten path, it’s easy to think that the Maine website design community is nonexistent.. Until you’re in it.

There’s a great group of people involved with web design in Maine. While many of us are technically competitors, there’s a true sense of camaraderie and support.

We can usually be spotted at Southern Maine WordPress Meetups every couple of months. Here we discuss topics like plugin development, core contribution, hosting – you know, geeky web design stuff.

WordCamp Portland, ME is perhaps the largest event for the Southern Maine website design community. Here web designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs gather to share ideas regarding WordPress – an open source publishing software which makes up over 27% of the web.

2. Maine’s distinct seasons.

Maine foliage
Photo credit to @adammbordeaux

There’s no mistaking each of Maine’s seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter completely live up to (and often exceed) our expectations each year.

As a Maine website design company, this means we can open our windows and let the breeze blow in during spring. During the summer months, we relocate team meetings to beachside picnic tables. Fall gives us an excuse to wake up earlier for runs before the workday.

And winter – well..

3. Enjoying Nor’easters from the comfort of our warm offices.

Maine web design
Photo credit to Corey Templeton Photography

Being a website design company definitely has its perks. One of the best ones is that you can work from practically anywhere with wifi.

If we decide the roads are simply too dangerous to drive on, we slip on our comfiest PJs and sign onto chat to communicate amongst our team. Somehow snow in Maine is that much more beautiful when you aren’t forced to travel in it.

4. Lobster.

Maine website design company loves lobster
Photo credit to @ijaney

How could we write about being a Maine website design company without mentioning lobster? Lobster pasta, lobster rolls, lobster right out of the shell.. As cliche as lobster may be to Maine, we’ll never get sick of eating it.

Side note – Jesse, the owner here at OSC, actually worked on lobster boat for a few years. Just long enough to get his sea legs.

5. Maine is a ‘vacationland’ that’s ‘open for business’.

Maine vacationland

If you’ve entered Maine through Kittery before, you were probably greeted by a big sign that reads ‘OPEN FOR BUSINESS’. This sign symbolizes Maine’s support for new business and jobs.

Even though Maine isn’t exactly known for it’s low taxes, small businesses have always been an economic mainstay. Maybe it’s that we were all raised as true ‘Do It Yourselfers’. Perhaps it’s the same ambition that gets you 30 miles home through a blizzard.

Whatever the reason, those busy days of work allow you to sit back, relax, and watch the sun set over a sea of pine trees. Now that’s well worth every minute of work.

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