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How a New England Event Rental Company’s Online Conversions Grew By Over 220% [OSC Client Case Study]

Case study of Sperry Tents Seacoast website improvements

Sperry Tents Seacoast, a New England event and tent rental company, came to us at OSC in early 2019 looking to enhance their online presence. 

Throughout the nearly two years of working with Sperry, we’ve helped them on an ongoing basis with content creation and SEO, as well as redesigned and relaunched their website as they consolidated multiple businesses.


Sperry came to us wanting to rank better in the search engines for the keywords their target audience searches for. Working with a variety of audiences can make SEO challenging, since you want all of your audiences to feel welcome and in the right place.

Content helped bridge that gap. Giving helpful advice to both brides and event planners alike helps Sperry show their expertise.

In the past year, Sperry decided to consolidate two sister companies and one related company all under the same roof as Sperry. That meant a cohesive design strategy with development elements that are intriguing, interesting for visitors, and a powerful navigation structure that can organize all of the content in a user friendly way. Not to mention: the SEO ramifications of redirecting two other existing (and successful) websites to the main Sperry site.


The first year of work was all about optimizing the existing websites and improving usability, while the second was continuing to create content while redesigning and relaunching the Sperry website.

Wedding rental website on laptop

Here’s a deeper look into how we were able to make big changes for Sperry.


The more pages visitors are viewing, the more potential opportunity for Sperry as they show more interest. This is especially important for websites with blogs, as they often have lower pages/session rate due to visitors getting the information they came for, then leaving.

It was vital for this project to create calls-to-action that enticed visitors to download or learn more, which certainly helped contribute to a significantly higher conversion rate.

Pages per session


Bounce rates can be a tricky metric; they measure the percentage of people who come to one page on your website and then leave. Sometimes, visiting a single page is exactly what you want – on a landing page, for instance. More often than not, however, the lower the bounce rate, the better.

In the case of Sperry, the goal is to get people visiting more than one page and taking action by converting in one way, shape, or form. We were able to decrease the bounce rate year-over-year by over 30%.

Bounce rate improvement


Seeing visitors spend more time post relaunch tells us that they are spending more time reading the content on the site. Coupled with a higher pages/session rate and lower bounce rate confirms that visitors are going to multiple pages to read more about products.

Average session duration


You’ll see that prior to July 2020, this competitive keyword was showing up sporadically above #25 (midway down the third page of Google). However, since the site was relaunched this summer, we’ve seen the website regularly ranking low on the first page for the term. We’ve had similar success with many other important keywords for Sperry.

Keyword ranking improvements


2019 conversions

In 2019, we had just begun SEO efforts and the new site was not yet built. During this time period, you’ll see 264 conversions occurred at a rate of 2.14%. (Remember, a 1-2% conversion rate is considered “good” for any online endeavor, so this was positive.)

2019 Conversions in Google Analytics
2019 Goal settings in Google Analytics

2020 conversions 

But once the new website was launched and SEO efforts continued, we saw those conversions more than double! Plus, the conversion rate more than doubled to 4.63%!

2020 Conversions
2020 Goal completions


Amazing company to work with. They customized our website and marketing strategy to our clientele. Our website has had a significant increase in traffic and the feedback from our clients has been fantastic!! Would hire again in an instant.

Ashley Parkin, CEO of Sperry Tents Seacoast
Wedding rental website on tablet

We love working with our incredible clients – like Sperry – and would love to help your business thrive online too. So if you need help creating a digital marketing presence that represents your business and reaches your target market, contact us at OSC Web Design today!

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