Hiring the Right Content Writer: 5 Kinds To Steer Clear Of

In our last article, we covered a few instances in which you should hire a content writer for your business. If you’ve decided the time has come to hire a content writer, the next step is to find the right one.

Sure, there are a million “writers” with laptops and WIFI, but do you really want Joe Schmo representing your business… potentially all wrong?

5 Kinds of Content Writers to Steer Clear Of

1. Long Winded

More words are not always better.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever been trapped in a conversation with someone who’s long winded? At the first opportunity you made your escape, and that’s exactly how readers will feel when faced with a long winded page of content.

You should be on the lookout for a content writer who can get to the point.

2. Inexperienced

Oh they’ve written a few book reports for school? That’s swell, but doesn’t mean they’ll be the best content writer for your business.

Ask to see examples of their work – preferably already published online. Web content writing is very different from other forms of writing.

3. Unadaptable

The right content writer must have the ability to research a topic they’ve never seen before and become knowledgeable in it. Here at OSC Web Design, we work with a wide range of businesses – from retirement homes to wholesale grocery eCommerce websites.

How much do you think our team really knew about the fluid sealing industry? Not a lot, but after working with Tri-State Packing we can explain it to anyone.

Being employed as a content writer is all about staying adaptable and willing to research your clients thoroughly.

4. Conversion Unaware

All effective content has an end goal driving it. If your content writer isn’t writing to convert readers, then your content isn’t acting as the valuable marketing material it should be! We always aim to prove our clients are field experts and a trustworthy solution in their niche.

5. Search Engine Optimization Illiterate

Besides converting your audience, content should help you reach them online. When you hire a content writer who’s well versed in SEO, your content will allow you to rank higher for specific search queries. Search engine optimization is actually one of the top reasons businesses want content to begin with.

Pay for #content that counts.” #qualitycontent

Where do I find the right content writer?

If you’ve already established a relationship with a marketing or web design firm, ask them if they offer content writing services.

Content is the foundation of web marketing these days, and it can also be quite a bottleneck in the web design process. Because of these reasons, many marketing and web design firms have hired on professional copywriters.

Not only do we advise this route because we offer search engine optimized content writing, but the alternative is to scour freelancer websites or post a job on Craigslist. Finding a dependable and experienced content writer can be difficult, and your marketing firm will have already done the groundwork.

Have you learned anything about hiring content writers from experience? We’d love to hear your story. Share it with us in the comments below!

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