Facebook Layout for Pages Has Changed – Here’s how it affects you!

Facebook Layout for Pages has Changed - Here's how it affects you!

Facebook is full of surprises, and sometimes you’ll login to see what has changed. Let’s take a little dive into what they did recently and how this is going to affect your page.

OSC Web Design Facebook Page
Check out how the new layout looks on the OSC Facebook page.


Let’s talk about the more major changes.

  1. Moving the profile picture off to the side.
    • I know there are a few of you out there that integrated the design of the profile picture into the cover photo – but that’s now going to be broken. I think this is a great move though as it really puts your branding first and foremost. I always believe that you should have your logo here so that people can easily identify who is replying. Remember that it will be quite a bit smaller on the posts and replies, so be sure that it’s well branded for a better experience. This also frees up room on the cover photo – but we’ll get into that shortly.
  2. Moving the tabs to the left sidebar.
    • The ‘Home, About, Photos, Reviews’ have always been right under the cover photo. It’s actually quite refreshing to give them their own space now. I think one of the best features about this is that you can include the apps that you have installed. Now ‘Book Appointment’ on our page is quickly found and tabs are no longer hidden in a dropdown.
  3. Services
    • Okay, this isn’t exactly new, but I do want to point out that if you are not using this, you are missing out! What better way to qualify your customers than by putting pricing right out there in the open. We fully understand that some companies may not have the budget for us, so why waste their time? Let them know where you start and everyone will be much better off.
  4. No more buttons and text on the cover photo!
    • Oh boy, this one is great in my opinion. Facebook has moved the text that covered over your cover photo. Now that it has moved, you have so much room for activities!

So much room for activities!

  1. Call to Action button:
    • The button appears to be a bit larger – but I admit I did not take before and after dimensions of it. I’m still really hoping we can someday customize the text of the button, but for now – at least it’s out there! I’d love to be able to test different things such as ‘Read Our Blog’ or ‘View Portfolio’ – but for now, I’ll be happy with it.


As it is – I really don’t see any negatives of the new layout. I’d love to hear your thoughts though – do you love it or hate it? Is there anything you’re excited to try out with the new layout and take advantage of? Let us know in the comments!

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