5 Super Easy Ways to Build Your First Links

By now, we all know the best long term strategy for building links is to create quality “share-worthy” content. But realistically when you’re first starting out, you may not have the necessary time or resources. The idea of defining a target audience, keywords, and a content strategy can understandably overwhelm most fledgling entrepreneurs.

Isn’t there an easier way to get started? Yes! Get your SEO ball rolling with the following 5 super easy ways to build your website’s first links.

1. Ask a friend.

What are friends for besides some trusty link building? While unrelated reciprocal link exchanges are big no-no’s in Google’s eyes, it’s perfectly fine to link to a friend’s website or article when relevant.

For example, imagine you own a landscaping company. Your friend’s excavation website would be a very relevant place to recommend your landscaping services and vis-versa.

2. Find who’s already talking about you.

If other websites are referring to you, your business, or your content already, you have a prime opportunity to acquire precious link juice. This route is perhaps the very easiest one for building your first links because these sources should really be linking to you in the first place.

It’s as straightforward as Googling yourself. If your brand name often becomes confused with other brands in search results, you should enter your company’s name plus a term associated with it. For example, ‘OSC Web Design + SEO’.

Items you’ll want to search:

  • Company Name
  • Employee Names (if too many unrelated results, try ‘Employee Name + Company Name or Related Term’)
  • Owner’s Name
  • Alternate Company Names (like ‘OSC’ instead of ‘OSC Web Design’)

So how do you get links added after finding the opportunities? You guessed it: ask.

3. Join a local networking group.

Take your online approach offline. Meetups and organizations like Think Local allow you to reach local customers and forge valuable partnerships… Not to mention super easy links.

Most networking events are promoted online and list attendees on the website. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to engage with the community – the benefits extend far beyond SEO!

4. Find websites who link to your competitors.

If an article lists a number of local businesses, why shouldn’t you be on that list too? Directories and comparison articles are common examples of where you might find this.

Tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer allow you to get a look at not only your backlinks, but your competitors too.

5. Leave a detailed testimonial.

Easy Ways to Build First Links
A snapshot from Maine Labpack.

Wouldn’t you love to receive stellar feedback from a customer? Turns out other business owners would too! If you use a product or service routinely that you’re happy with, send the company a testimonial. It would make for perfect content to showcase on their website (and an easy way to build your links).

That wasn’t so hard now was it? After you get the balling rolling with link building, you can begin tackling the rest of your marketing strategy. For professional keyword research, SEO, and content writing – give us a shout!

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