4 Cool Google Searches to Help With Search Engine Optimization

4 Cool Google Searches to Help With Search Engine Optimization

We know that Google is a powerful search engine…but are you using it for all it’s worth?

When it comes to optimizing your website, Google can be an important research tool. From finding the right keywords for your website to getting inspired for a blogpost to assessing the competition, Google will be a bigger help than some of the other keyword tools out there.

Note: If you do too many searches during one session, Google will block you for a few hours, so be sure to search for your important terms.

1. Basic searches

To start, try basic keyword searches for your biggest terms. How do other websites incorporate them? Are there opportunities for blogposts?

Often, this initial step is a great way to get you thinking about different ways to use your keywords.

2. Site:[Website.com]

This command is great for multiple reasons:

  • It will show you all of the indexed pages that Google has for your current website.
  • You can get inspiration by putting your competitors’ websites in and seeing the keywords they use in their titles/descriptions.

3. Allintitle:[Keyword]

Similar to the site command, allintitle will show all of the websites that use a given keyword in the title tags of their pages. This way, you’ll be able to see what your competition is using (when you didn’t even know they were your competition). We love using this strategy to help create the perfect title tags and descriptions for pages.

4. Google Suggest

Google Suggest, similar to YouTube Suggest, is a great tool for blogpost and keyword inspiration alike. Simply start typing in a blogpost idea and you’ll have some inspiration in no time. For example:

why seo

Your turn! How does Google help you with your SEO efforts?

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