Boring Brand? 6 Tips to Spice Up Your Business

Boring Brand? 6 Tips to Spice Up Your Business

Do you ever feel like your business is just in a boring industry? Is “fun” the last thing customers would describe your brand as?

We’re here to say that you are NOT doomed to exist as a boring brand forever. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, with the right tips you can spice up your business. Keep reading for 6 of them!

1. Define your target audience.

What’s engaging to some, isn’t always engaging to everyone. Kohler, a manufacturing company, certainly doesn’t focus on the manufacturing side of things in their marketing strategy.

Kohler is very familiar with their target audience and knows one of their big interests is interior design. By incorporating style into everything, they engage their audience and showcase their products.

Elegant branding on social media.
Source: @kohler

2. Show who’s behind the scenes.

Branding for what could be a boring brand on Instagram.
Source: @ups

Your audience wants to see the real people behind your brand! Show your business isn’t a corporate machine by featuring employees – preferably ones that are smiling and don’t look miserable.

3. Interact with your audience.

Put the spotlight on one of you customers. They’ll likely to be delighted to receive acknowledgement and will share your interaction with friends.

Some brands even run contests and the prize is to be featured on their social page. Imagine how thrilled they’ll be to be featured by surprise.

Another bonus is that “reposts” take practically zero effort on your part. Just type up a line, give credit where it’s due, and post away.

One of Starbuck’s many reposts. Source: @starbucks

4. Stick to a consistent brand design.

Colors, fonts, style.. Pick something you love from the get-go and keep it consistent across all channels.

Coca-Cola is a perfect example of this. They’ve even managed to remain loyal to their iconic Coca-Cola bottle shape for over 100 years.

Consistent branding.

5. Use a little humor.

Social media has given businesses an opportunity to loosen up and act a little more casual. Before you post another boring social post with a corporate air, try using a bit of humor.

Take Wendy’s Twitter responses for example. We advise using their approach to humor at your own risk.. But we must admit it’s pretty funny and is attracting some attention.

Or how about this viral video for Dollar Shave Club? It’s pretty obvious this is a low budget ad, but their sense of humor made up for it.

6. Determine what makes your brand different.

Are you a family-run business? Does your team have a unique insight on the services you provide? What inspired you to breathe life into your brand?

Unique is the opposite of boring. Zero in on what makes your #brand unique and emphasize it in your #marketing strategy.”


People don’t pay attention to boring things. – John Medina

If you want people to pay attention to your marketing, your services, and your brand; you need to focus on being less boring.

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