4 Blogging Rules Your Business Should Live By

4 Blogging Rules Your Business Should Live By

For some businesses, blogging can be daunting. For others, a blog just seems like way too much work. For others still, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to blog about. Never fear…follow these few simple rules and you’ll be a blogging rockstar in no time!

1. Write about what you know

Become the expert in your niche by writing about it in every way you can. Feel like you’ve covered your subject in every way already? Try taking a unique look at a subject instead of the same old type of post you’d normally create. For example, take a look at the opposite point of view on a subject or take a post you’ve already done and put together a “part two” on it.

2. Share, share, and then share some more

Many business owners get nervous about sharing too much information on their blog, saying “we don’t want to give our secrets away.” Guess what? You need to give your secrets away. If you’re not, your competitors certainly are.

3. Keep it simple

Each blogpost doesn’t need to be an essay. You don’t need to spend hours on each one, which will save you time (and money). Keep the setup simple too – think about the types of posts you enjoy. Are they typically numbered lists or long, drawn out paragraphs? My guess would be the former.

4. Get inspiration from your favorite blogs

Don’t live in a vacuum. Do your research by visiting your competitors’  blogs and see what they’re talking about to get some inspiration. Better yet, keep an eye out when you read your favorite blogs and take note of the different types of formatting styles you like.

What are your best tips for blogging?

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