How to Blog 401: How to Go Above and Beyond and Get Your Blogposts Noticed

How to Blog 401: How to Go Above and Beyond and Get Your Blogposts Noticed

We’ve talked about blogging before: from creating the perfect blogpost structure to how to figure out what to blog about. Now that you’ve completed these vital steps, it’s time to get your posts noticed.

Create channels for viewers to find you

Unless you have an extremely popular and successful blog already, your posts aren’t going to be seen unless you set up channels for visitors to find you.

Email & RSS signup

Set up email and RSS signups with a service like Feedburner so that visitors can get updates of your blogposts every time you post one. Don’t forget to include a signup box on your blog and website and further entice viewers with a “carrot” (an incentive to sign up, e.g. free white paper or discount code for products).

Social media

Post every blogpost you publish on your social media channels. Experiment by switching up the language you use and way you post.

Email Newsletter

Do you publish an email newsletter every month? Include links to a few of your recent blogposts!

Video & Photo opportunities

Incorporate video and photo in order to optimize for these channels and acquire different types of traffic. For example, use photos that make sense in your posts and optimize them for image search; that way, searchers can theoretically find your posts when searching for images. Likewise with video search; creating videos that have to do with your blogpost is a great way to not only create great content, but also to make your posts more visible.

Link Building

Creating channels is a great way to make your posts more visible, but you can also do work with link building to get more traffic and better rankings for your blog.

Guest blogging opportunities

Create relationships with other bloggers in order to broaden your blog audience. By creating blogposts for other blogs, you’ll get links back to your website as well as exposure to new possible visitors.


Did you get inspiration from another site or blog? Comment and let the author and readers know about it!

What are your best tips and tricks for getting your blog out there?

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