7 Ways to Attract Customers Like a Virtual Magnet [Infographic]

7 Ways to Attract Customers Like a Virtual Magnet [Infographic]

Think back to the good ol’ days of naive optimism. You remember looking forward to when your website would officially launch to the web. With more than 3 billion people online across the globe, at least a handful of them will be eager to scroll your pages. ..right?

Sadly, the grand launch day came and went with little pizzazz. Considering all the time and money you’ve invested into your website, where are all the customers?!

What many business owners don’t realize is that a website is the first step. There’s no doubt it’s important, but it needs nurturing and support before it can start really giving back to you. By producing content that people find value in, you can become the website people want to visit, and the brand customers love.

Get inspired by our infographic and start attracting customers like a virtual magnet!

tips for attracting customers to your business website infographic

Text transcription:

As your business commences down the path of inbound marketing and content creation, there are a couple of objectives that you should always aim for.

Provide your audience with exceptional value through quality content.

Deliver the content with an approach that encourages shares.

Content can come in many different forms, it is important to discover which kinds attract your target audience. Need some ideas? Take a look at the examples we’ve compiled.

Images: Feast your audience’s eyes on appealing imagery.
Examples: Data visualizations such as charts & bar graphs, informative screenshots, branded images and infographics.
Fact: Infographics are shared 3x as much as any other visual content piece (1).

Podcasts: On the go and listen at your own pace- busy consumers love podcasts.
Bonus: Transcribe your podcasts! Boost SEO by simply typing out podcast audio content.
Fact: Apple has surpassed 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts via iTunes (2).

Social Media Posts: Go where your audience is and shape a brand identity for your business.
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus+ and many more.
Fact: 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media (3).

Videos: Social video is word of mouth marketing done digitally via social.*
Examples: Interviews, how-to videos, success stories, product demonstrations.
Fact: 75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video (4).

Emails: Easily distribute useful content to thousands of consumers with a few clicks.
Hint: Qualified email lists + engaging subject lines = the difference between new leads and SPAM.
Fact: 91% of consumers use email once a day (5).

Ebooks and White Papers: Become a trusted source of information within your field with these share-friendly PDFs.
Tip: Since both are usually downloadable, they can be a great tool in growing your qualified email lists.
Fact: 83% of the respondents in an Eccolo Media survey said that white papers were moderately to extremely influential in their purchasing decision (6).

Blogs: From increasing website traffic to improving customer relationships, blogging has proved its worth time and again.
Examples: Instructional, entertaining, step by step, tips, interviews, lists, and overviews.
Fact: Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links (7).

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*Quote from Oliver Smith of Unruly Media

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