7 Creative Ways to Use Your Website to Market [& Sell More With] Your B2B Business

Market b2b Through Your Website

Your website should act as the hub of your online marketing for your B2B company; all your digital marketing efforts should link back to your site in some capacity. After all, your website is where you want to convert leads to customers.

For a B2B company, though, it may not be obvious where you can use creativity to engage your potential customers. Here are 7 creative ways to use your website to market (and sell more with) your B2B business.

1. Product demonstrations or service examples

When a business works with a new vendor, they want to be sure that it’s a good fit. One of the best ways to do that – and create valuable content – is by walking a potential lead through the product or service.

By offering product demonstrations or service examples, whether in video or book format, you’re showcasing your offerings in a relatable way for potential customers. 

2. Use influencers

Every industry has influencers or experts. Maybe you have established relationships with some of these experts, or maybe you’re reaching out for the first time. 

Regardless, by compiling expert advice within a single piece of content (like a blogpost) and linking to each influencer, you’ll be well on your way to very unique and sought after information by your target audience. 

3. Engage with video

From testimonials to tutorials, the opportunity to use video on your website is endless. It’s also much easier than most businesses think to create a professional, engaging video.

4. Give away free information

Free content is concerning for many B2B businesspeople. We’ve heard variations of this many times: “if I give away all my secrets, my customers will do what I can do!” The answer? Yes, they can. But if you’re not giving away free information, your competition most certainly is. 

Giving away free information establishes expertise, gives leads an inside view into your process and business culture, and much more. In short, giving away free content is only going to help make your B2B business more successful.

5. Share infographics

Infographics are a unique way to marry design with data or information. Often able to be seen at a glance, infographics are easy to understand, offer specific content, and entice other bloggers and website owners to link to them.

Infographics can undoubtedly generate the interest you’re looking for amongst your ideal audience.

6. Offer online courses

Now, more than ever, online classes and coursework provide businesses with an incredible opportunity to market to new customers. By offering either free or paid webinars, courses, or programs, you open your business up to new product offerings, ongoing and valuable education, and a great way to increase interest in your B2B company.

7. Incorporate landing pages

Landing pages offer a clear and hyper-focused opportunity to engage leads who are coming from your website or elsewhere, coming from a targeted marketing campaign. 

Those online courses, for instance? They’re the perfect opportunity to create a targeted landing page to convert your audience. 

Try these seven creative tactics for marketing on your B2B company website to start converting even more business.

And if you need help creating a digital marketing presence that represents your business and reaches your target market, contact us at OSC Web Design.

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