6 Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn’t Converting

6 Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn't Converting

Do you have an existing website that isn’t converting? Here are 6 reasons why it may not be.

1. Your website is a turn-off

Think about a website you’ve visited where you can’t make sense of anything because the design or organization of the site is just that bad. You probably didn’t stick around for long, did you?

If you don’t spend the time, money, and effort creating a place that your visitors will love and that represents your business, you can forget about getting any online business.

2. Visitors are bored

If you can’t keep the attention of your visitors for long enough to get them to make a buying decision, then you can kiss your conversion goodbye. Create interesting, unique content that will entice your visitors to stick around for more.

3. Visitors aren’t informed enough

At the same time, with too little content on your website, your visitors won’t have the information they need to make a buying decision. Stick to 250-500 words on each page and you’re golden.

4. You didn’t go mobile

As of August of 2013, over 17% of the web’s traffic was thanks to mobile devices. It’s simple: unless you want to lose out on nearly 20% of your web traffic, create a site that’s friendly for smart phones.

5. You’re coming on too strong

Go aggressive with the content on your website and you’re no better than a pushy car salesman. More often than not, that approach isn’t going to work when it’s coming from a computer screen. Start with a focus on your customer and finish with a smart call to action.

6. You don’t have a call to action

Speaking of…you need to have one! A call to action – whether a phone number in the header/footer of the page, a call now/buy now/contact us link at the end of the page, or other various marketing messages in sidebars or throughout a page – is the only way you can truly get visitors to convert on your website. Keep your calls to action to the location, frequency, and language that makes sense for your users.

What are your best tips for converting your traffic?

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