Your 6 Perks of Owning a Business in Maine

Your 6 Perks of Owning a Business in Maine

Maine is home to so much more than seafood shacks and potato farms. The beauty of Maine’s mountains and trees have called many travelers home and many entrepreneurs in. The opportunity to work hard like a true-blooded Mainer and rejuvenate your spirits kayaking in Bar Harbor and hiking Mount Katadin..

Ayuh, what could be better than owning a business in Maine?

1. Maine really is a vacationland.

maine outdoors
Source: Instagram user visitmaine

Maine is dubbed “vacationland” for a reason. In 2015, over 5 billion dollars was spent by tourists on retail, food, transportation, lodging, and recreation in Maine.

Each season is a unique must-see. The spring commences whale watching and hiking, summer allows tourists to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the autumn foliage attracts leaf peepers, and for the brave, snow turns Maine into a winter wonderland.


2. The successful like to retire here.

mansion in maine
Ready to retire and buy this for $12,600,000? You can purchase this Ogunquit, Maine home here.

Maine isn’t always a full-time residence on account of the harsh winters, but many wealthy retirees like to spend their summers in Maine. From Rockland, to Cape Elizabeth, to Falmouth; there are some pricey porches to station your rocking chair.


3. “Open for business”.

state of maine open for business
Source: AP Photo/Portsmouth Herald, Rich Beauchesne

A few years ago a new addition was made to a sign in Kittery welcoming tourists into Maine. The “open for business” motto was introduced to emphasize the importance of businesses and jobs.

Recently the largest tax cut in Maine’s history was voted in, $400 million to benefit taxpayers and job creators. Maine’s sales tax rate is currently at 5.5%, ranking it with the five states in the U.S. with the lowest average combined rates.


4. Maine has a reputation for quality.

maine ll bean boots
Source: Instagram user woodlanddiy

When you think of Maine, shoddy products and sweatshops don’t usually come to mind.

L.L. Bean deserves some credit for this one. Their exceptional return policy and high grade materials reflect on their Maine home base and the Mainers they employ.


5. A stone’s throw away from Canada.

maine is canadas neighbor

Tourists from Canada have been roving Maine’s grounds for years. In 2015, Canadian visitors accounted for direct expenditures of more than $850 million.

Canadians are sure to stick closer to home (and neighbors) on their next holiday due to the decline of the Canadian dollar. Right now the loonie is .75 of the USD. That beats .61 of the British Pound, eh?

While some restaurant servers may grumble and allege that Canadians are notoriously “bad tippers”, Maine business owners should have every reason to welcome more of these cheery folk.


6. People of Maine.

bean suppah in maine
Source: Flickr user looseends

Life is a bit slower which allows Mainers to be appreciative. It takes most of us at least a 30 minute drive to get to work, run errands, or see a friend; we have experience in patience. Have a quick chat with anyone at the local bean supper and you’ll see how friendly we really are.


At OSC Web Design we are proud to call Maine our home. Helping local businesses to succeed online is absolutely rewarding – and most definitely a perk.

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