5 Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Online Without Breaking the Bank

5 Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Online Without Breaking the Bank

As small businesses, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. What’s one great way to stand out? Advertising, of course. But advertising online can cost your company and it can cost it quickly. Here are 5 ways to advertise online that will cost you…but won’t break the bank.

1. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are still relatively inexpensive, especially if you’re a local company and are targeting a specific geographic area. Ads will also continue to be less expensive the more targeted you make your audience, including likes on other pages, gender, and a number of other affiliations.

Learn more by creating your first Facebook ad.

2. Local directories

Local directories are an excellent way for local companies to have even more exposure. You may be already listed on local review sites without even knowing it. To find out where you’re listed, try searching for “[your business name] reviews.” In addition, create listings at the following major local listing sites:

3. Twitter ads

Twitter, one of the most recent social networks to offer advertisements. Similar to the original Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, you’ll be able to promote a tweet, page, or an app specifically. Then you’ll simply pay per engagement; you can set a total budget, maximum daily budget, or budget per engagement/follower.

Promoted tweets

  • What your audience sees: tweets with images and cards drive engagement.
  • Where they see it: users you target will see your ads in their timelines.
  • How it’s optimized: campaign will be optimized and charged for tweet engagements (replies, retweets, favorties, etc.).

Followers campaign (promote your page)

  • What your audience sees: tell users why they should follow you.
  • Where they see it: targeted users will see ads in their timelines and “who to follow” suggestions.
  • How it’s optimized: campaign will be optimized and charged for followers.

App installs/app engagements

  • What your audience sees: clicks on the image and button take users to download or open your app.
  • Where they see it: users will see your tweets in their mobile timeline.
  • How it’s optimized: your campaign will show metrics like app install attempts or conversions. (installs, purchases, signups, etc.)

Create your first Twitter ad here.

4. Press release

Press releases can be valuable advertising tools, and don’t have to cost a lot either. Create a release for something exciting that happened in your business – whether it’s a new product or service you’re offering or a brand new website.

Click here to learn how to create your first press release.

5. Google AdWords

Depending on the keywords you’re trying to bid on, Google AdWords could be a cost effective way to get more traffic to your website or, better yet, to a landing page. Try creating a very focused page with just a few main keywords (that aren’t terribly competitive) and hit the ground running! (Don’t forget to set up conversion tracking so you can measure your conversions properly!)

Create your first Google ad now.

What are your tips and tricks for cost efficient small business advertising?

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