5 Small Business Web Marketing Tips for Success

5 Small Business Web Marketing Tips for Success

Small business owners know.. marketing their companies can often be another job on top an already busy existing job. Here are a few helpful tips that don’t cost a lot.

1. Be creative in your marketing campaigns

You don’t need to break the bank to be successful online; all it takes are small investments in the right places to have a successful marketing campaign. For example, spending to produce a short video that will get your audience excited or an investment for Facebook ads could be the tickets to increase your exposure. Regardless, be sure to choose the right channel for your business.

2. Create a customer-centric website

It’s not enough just to have a website anymore…your website needs to be focused on your customer. After all, the website is there to serve them. Make sure your website puts your customers (and potential customers) first.

3. Give things away.. for free

Whether it’s great content or an online contest, don’t be afraid to give things away for free. By giving away free information, you’re establishing yourself as the expert in your niche. By giving away free things in a contest or drawing, you’re engaging your consumers.

4. Take advantage of being local

With local directories like Google Places (now run through Google Plus) and Yelp, it’s a no brainer to sign up for your local profile. There, your happy customers can leave reviews and new customers can quickly get information about your business.

5. Go to your customers

If your customer base lives on YouTube, create compelling videos there. If they are avid Facebookers, engage them on Facebook. If your customers spend time on Instagram, then you should be too. The point is: your network of choice doesn’t matter. It’s your customers’ network that matters.

What are your tips and tricks for online small business success?

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