5 Unique Reasons You Should Be Checking Your Google Analytics Account More Often

5 Unique Reasons You Should Be Checking Your Google Analytics Account More Often

Do you regularly check your Google Analytics account? Once a week? How about once a month?

Google Analytics is a great resource for determining how successful your web marketing efforts are. After all, you’re spending time and money creating content and engaging with your audience. Why not figure out how well that’s working for you and your business?

Sure, checking your rankings and most popular pages are important, but how about some real concrete reasons to get into your stats more often? Here are 10 reasons to be checking your Analytics.

1. Make sure there are no issues.

With Google Analytics up and running – and by checking it regularly – you’ll be able to quickly see if there are any issues with your website. If stats fall off drastically or you see numbers fluctuate – when  you didn’t do anything – you’ll know that there’s a reason something happened.

2. Solve a mystery.

Better yet, you can usually use Google Analytics to help you figure out why there was an issue (or positive change) on your site. With GA, you can do some detective work to figure out what you did to cause your traffic to improve or why a statistic changed.

3. See which blogposts are the most valuable for visitors.

Writing great content is one thing, but making sure you have readers is a whole different story. Often, the posts you think will be the most popular may not be. This will really help drive what type of content you focus on going forward.

4. Get inspiration for your next blogpost.

Not only can you use your most popular pages to drive your content, but you can also use keywords visitors Google to discover your best opportunities. One of our favorite trick for blogging is to check out our keyword list and scroll through. Typically near the bottom (where you see one visit for each keyword), you’ll find amazing inspiration for your next blogpost.

5. Check your conversions. 

This is a no brainer: how many people are converting on your website? While that’s great information, what we’re really after is why they are converting. Use Goal Funnels to backtrack how people found your website. Maybe it was a blogpost, or a keyword search, or your social media campaign. Whatever it was…continue to do that!

Now get out there and start checking your stats more regularly! It doesn’t have to be every day – nor should it! But checking your Google Analytics account every week or every other week will help improve your web marketing efforts that much more.

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