5 Best Ways to Get Customers Raving About Your Brand

5 Best Ways to Get Customers Raving About Your Brand

Turning first time customers into lifelong customers is a goal companies funnel masses of resources into each year. This is often referred to as “customer retention.”

At OSC, we focus our efforts not only on retention, but also on providing services that customers will recommend to friends.

We call it, “delighting our audience and recruiting promoters.”

We’ve compiled the following 5 ways for your business to recruit your own promoters and get customers raving about your brand.

1. Offer Coupons

Ahh discounts.. Must we say more?

Even if your product isn’t at a lower price point than competitors, customers will often choose you for the satisfaction of scoring quality for less. Coupons also provide an opportunity for customers to give a free gift to friends just by sharing the coupon.

2. Respond to Negative Reviewsbe responsive to customers

If you ask anyone in business who interacts with customers, they’ll no doubt agree being responsive ranks high in importance. Why then is this concept often neglected when applied to the web?

Every once in awhile you’ll come upon a scathing consumer review. It’s hard not to shudder at the thought of that comment being left alive on the web with absolutely no response.

Maybe some businesses think “We have a website with contact form, if customers have something to say they can submit it there.” Or, they’re simply too busy to monitor each and every social channel and review site.

Luckily, there’s a simple (and free!) solution to that. Google Alerts allows you to monitor mentions of your brand without even searching the web. Each time your brand is mentioned Google with send a notification to your email.

3. Respond to Positive Reviews

In order to save your reputation and business with future customers, responding to negative reviews is vital. In order to retain customers for years to come and get them raving about your brand, responding to positive reviews is the key.

Lens Direct happens to be a brand that has this down to a science. Take a look at their response below to a positive review of their service.


Not only was their response prompt and friendly, it was personalized. In fact, not a single response to a review of Lens Direct was duplicated. It’s clear that they have one or more people dedicated to responding to reviews.

4. Show Who’s Behind the Scenes

Try featuring an employee occasionally- “a day in the life” kind of thing. Interview them, let them type up a blog, or take a video of them to share with customers via social media or your website.

At a minimum, ensure your website has an ‘about us’ section. You’d be surprised how much traffic the page will get, it turns out people really want to know who’s running the show.

If you’re a one-man (or woman) band it may feel awkward to have your solo bio displayed. There’s no shame in that! Besides, you can include “meet the founder” without proclaiming you’re the whole company.

5. Nurture Your Social Media Presence

According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of young adults (18-29 years old) and even 35% of those over 65 years old use social media.

Brands are beginning to recognize that unless they jump on the social media bandwagon, they’re bound to be left behind. Social media opens up opportunities for companies to narrow in on their audience never before thought possible.

Facebook ads allow brands to customize campaigns and maximize their marketing budget. Even if you choose not to pay for ads, free social media accounts can go a long way. Promoting content customized to your audience shows your business is active and on the same page as them.

Customers want to support brands they feel understood by and understand. They want to know there’s a human behind the machine.


Take the show ‘Shark Tank’ for example. Entrepreneurs have a chance to pitch a deal to investors in exchange for a stake in their company. These negotiations are broadcasted to millions of viewers. Even if no deal is made, the companies aired experience a huge spike in business.

This isn’t only because of exposure to their product; it’s because of exposure to the people behind the business. People want to help brands that are run by good people!

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