4 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Users

4 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Users

If your business has a Facebook page, then you probably know that engagement is key. Not only are engaged Facebook fans happy Facebook fans, but your business will also be top of mind for your potential customers when they feel engaged with your brand.

Here are 4 easy ways to get started.

1. Ask questions

At the most basic level, asking questions will get people interested and talking. Try asking fun and interesting questions that are related to your business and get people talking.

Have a small fan base? No problem. Solicit the help of family, friends, and coworkers to start the conversation so others feel comfortable joining in. As your likes grow, so will your comments!

2. Post photos or videos

Posts with photos and videos automatically get more attention than those without. (Think about when you see your own Facebook feed and what you pay attention to.) We see both more likes and comments on posts with photos or videos, so make sure you upload one that makes sense if you can.

3. Contests and Drawings

Create a contest or give away a prize and you’re sure to engage your users! Often, running a contest or drawing is going to get people talking and certainly get them engaged. And since we’re talking Facebook, why not make it social? How about asking people to share a photo on Instagram (or Facebook)?!

4. Highlight your fan base

People love to be showcased…especially on social media. Give people what they want by showcasing customer stories or reviews. You can even upload photo galleries and suggest people tag themselves. That way, you’ll get their friends commenting and liking your photos, too!

No matter how you engage your audience, make sure you make the conversation more about them and less about you.

We want to know how you engage your Facebook fans! Share your stories in the comments below.

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