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32 Ideas for Marketing Your Online & Virtual Learning Business: How to Create Unique Content & Market Your Course [Part II]

Ideas for Marketing your Online & Virtual Learning Business

Now that your course is targeting the right audience, and up and running with powerful lead generation, it’s time to create even more content around it.

Since not all content is created equal, it’s important you focus on the unique and interesting content your audience will enjoy. Doing so – along with some other proven tactics – will help gain the relevant traffic you’re looking for to welcome even more students. 

Part II of our series on marketing your online virtual learning business is all about creating unique content. Let’s get started!


9. Write blogposts

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to create ongoing content that can drive relevant traffic to your courses today and for years to come. 

Why is the blog so powerful? You can target long tail and niche keywords in posts (more on that in the SEO section later) that you may not otherwise use on sales pages or website pages. Plus, every time you create a new blogpost, you’re creating a new web page that you can then link back to your online class.

10. Start a podcast 

You’ve likely listened to a podcast or two, so you already know how compelling they can be. Podcasts are a perfect way to subtly reach your audience through targeted content. Listeners can easily download podcasts to their device via iTunes or listen directly through your website. 

You can create content around your course material and similar topics, as well as use your course as the sponsor of the podcast or as your call-to-action.

11. Create video 

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. What does that mean for you? It means creating video content related to your course is an opportunity you simply can’t pass up.

Great videos don’t need to have a professional crew and expensive equipment. More than likely, you already have everything you need to create incredible video content: a decent camera (your smart phone or computer), decent sound quality (with the same devices or up levels with a microphone), and good lighting (thank you, sunshine!).

Post simple videos of you talking about similar valuable content as you would on other mediums and link back to your course page.

12. Answer questions on forums 

It doesn’t take much to find a forum discussion in nearly any vertical. So what if you’re the expert answering the questions? That’ll set you up nicely for some traffic to the course that covers that topic, right? Absolutely. 

Do some quick Google searches like “[your course topic] forum” and you’ll undoubtedly find posts on sites of all shapes and sizes to join in the conversation and establish yourself as the go-to expert. Need something a little more general? There are forums for that, too. Quora is a great place to start. 

13. Leverage the power of social media 

It’s no secret that social media has some serious marketing power, when used effectively. There’s no other medium that can target your ideal demographic in quite the same way. 

Make sure you start with that ideal audience as a means for finding the right social media platform fit. (After all, if your audience doesn’t hang out on the network, there’s no point in being there.) 

Then, share and create content that will engage your audience. Provide even more valuable resources than sales-driven posts about your online classes. The goal here? Engagement first and foremost.

14. Don’t forget social communities 

Leverage the power of social media communities and groups. Facebook Groups, for instance, can be extremely powerful for creating an engaging community around a common purpose.

You might consider a free Facebook group for topics similar to your course material. Provide free resources and valuable posts, along with answering any questions from the group. Then, plug your course every so often, so that members ready to uplevel will see your colossal value. 

15. Incorporate an email newsletter

Email is still one of the highest converting marketing channels; and no wonder. The majority of us have an email address and also check it (almost) daily. 

Drive email subscriptions by incorporating the ability to sign up everywhere you can, but take it a step further. Offer an incentive to sign up for your emails with a freebie, like a whitepaper, infographic, or video training. 

Put best practices like email sales funnels (automated drip emails for new subscribers to a list) and free email courses to good use to establish a strong fan base. 

16. Publish a press release

Has something newsworthy happened? Perhaps you launched a new course?! It’s time to create a press release about it. 

For a one-time low cost, your release will be published in multiple news outlets across the web, sending countless links back to your website or sales page. One of our favorites, PRweb, makes creating and publishing your release simple. 

17. Publish an eBook

Digital books are read and loved by many, and the perfect way to create a long article or short book in an easy-to-create format. 

Publishing an eBook can establish your expertise. They’re also a small investment for your customers and good incentive to get potential course users “in the door.” 

18. Create infographics

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? A few quick stats or a graphic how-to guide about your niche becomes very linkable and shareable content. Enlist the help of a professional designer or create one yourself with a tool like Canva. 

19. Comment regularly

Commenting on other blogs, groups, and on social media is an excellent tactic to get noticed and get links back to your website or sales page. 

Follow similar blogs and social media accounts and regularly post insightful comments as they make sense to do so. 

Creating consistent and engaging content will help you be found by ideal students. Don’t forget to incorporate calls-to-action for your course, as many web users need a little help in knowing what comes next. In part 3 of our series, we’ll talk about generating high quality traffic to your online virtual classes.

And if you need help creating a digital course that represents your business and reaches your target market, contact us at OSC Web Design.

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