3 Reasons Long Term Branding Beats Quick Sales Every Time

If you’ve ever paid attention to an Apple commercial, you’ll notice something unique about their strategy. Their commercials feel less like an advertisement, and much more like entertainment.

Apple is a prime example of why branding matters.

Instead of trying to list each feature of their AirPods, the majority of their commercial focuses on a man dancing and listening to music. Your business doesn’t have to be worth 780 + billion for branding to matter either.

Here are 3 reasons why long term branding beats quick sales every… Single… Time.

1. Google Has a Bias For Brands

If you care about search engine optimization and ranking higher in search engine results (which you definitely should!) then Google’s approval is a great incentive to focus on branding. There are a few indications that tell us Google favors brands in their search engine algorithm.

Brands in Google Suggest

long term branding - brands in Google

As you can see, before even entering a brand name ‘Nike’ is suggested. It can be debated whether this is fair or not, but it’s important to always remember Google’s priority: to serve the searchers.

If the majority of searchers are looking for Nike running shoes, it makes sense that Google would try to make this easier for others to do.

Search Query Chains

Branding in search engines

When users search for your brand name alongside other keywords, it will help your brand to rank higher for the other keywords in the future even when used alone.

For example, each time the above query is made, Blue Apron will rank just a little bit higher for ‘meal service’ on it’s own.

Increased Exposure

Guess how many times a brand can be seen in Google’s search results. Not once, not twice, but seven times!

  1. Google suggest
  2. Adwords
  3. Branded stores, types, brands navigation
  4. Google product ads
  5. Local results mixed in organic results
  6. Product search in organic results
  7. Organic results

If those aren’t enough to convince you, a quote by Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, pretty much says it all:

“Brands are the solution, not the problem…brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”

2. Branding Creates Trust

Besides the trust of Google, long term branding also wins you the trust of customers. If you’re in the market for in a new home, are you more likely to click on a flashing ad from an unknown real estate agency, or reach out to a business you’ve seen with a consistent design, voice and interaction on social media?

That’s a no brainer.

Consistent branding simply makes more sense to potential customers, and shows you’ve put in the effort and will be around to stay.

3. Builds a Better Investment

You may not plan on owning your business forever. The difference between retiring to a life of comfort and surviving off a diet of Ramen, is building your business into a valuable brand.

Besides the resources, customers, and equipment you’ve already acquired, you have a name people (and Google) trust. As you probably already know, that can be worth a lot to the right person.

Curious on how much your small business is worth? This website offers a free business valuation calculator.

Whether you’re committed to your business for the long haul or until you find the right buyer, you’ll find that long term branding is invaluable. If you’d like help establishing a brand strategy for your business, we’d love to hear from you!

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