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10 Online Strategies (That Work) to Market Your Retail Business During COVID: Part 3

Marketing your retail business during Covid

Thanks for joining us for the final installment in 10 Online Strategies (that work!) to Market Your Retail Business During COVID. If you haven’t checked out strategies 1-6, make sure to check out Part 1 & Part 2.

7. Sell fewer products.

There is nothing worse for a potential customer than to come to your website and immediately feel overwhelmed. Too many products will do that. 

We know, we know. This may feel unfathomable. But with more choices comes more second guessing, indecision, and potential customers leaving the site. In order to keep your audience focused, keep your products focused as well. 

Your to do task:

Take a good, honest look at the products you offer and consider where you can scale back, categorize, or reorganize them further.

8. Don’t skimp on product descriptions or images.

In the retail space, product images and descriptions are what can make or break your sales. Think about it: when customers are online, they have no other choice than to judge products based on the image and description. They aren’t able to feel, smell, taste, or otherwise “test out” the product in person.

Your images should be high resolution and high quality, as well as show off the product’s features, using multiple images if need be.

Your description should be keyword rich (to optimize for SEO) and contain plenty of honest benefits that the product offers. Meanwhile, the description should also be short and sweet, to ensure potential customers don’t lose interest. 

Your to do task:

Review all of your products to ensure you don’t have any missed opportunities in the image or description.

9. Continue to think local.

If your online storefront also has a brick and mortar location, it’s vital to your survival to continue thinking with a local mindset. Since many areas in the country have now opened back up during the COVID pandemic, this is your opportunity to start driving foot traffic back into your storefront.

There are a number of ways you can target your audience locally. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Geotarget your audience with ads through Google Ads or social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. 
  • Use language that makes sense for your geographic audience, such as special phrases or keywords. (For instance, here in Maine, we might use the word “wicked” instead of “very.”)
  • Incorporate images of local areas everywhere so that your audience identifies with their surroundings.
  • Stay up-to-date with local listings, including responding to reviews (if necessary) and updating information and images or video frequently.

Your to do task:

You can do your due diligence locally by completing all or some of the four tips above, depending on what makes sense for your retail business.

10. Consider ads and remarketing campaigns.

When created and managed effectively, online ads and remarketing campaigns can have a profound effect on the bottom line for retail shops.

First up: ad campaigns. From Google Ads to Facebook and Instagram to YouTube to banner ads in online magazine sites, there are no shortage of advertising options for the retail space. Choose wisely by promoting where your audience spends their time and work with a professional to ensure your campaign gets the most for your investment.

Google Shopping, specifically, offers retail businesses a unique opportunity to combine product images, reviews, store locations (if you have multiple), and online ordering to give searchers the exact products they’re looking for.

Next up: remarketing campaigns. These campaigns are ideal for every type of retail store, as they can drastically increase your conversion rates. By “reminding” customers who have visited your website via ads on other websites and social networks, you’re effectively adding additional touchpoints. (Remember: it takes an average of 7 touchpoints – or impressions – to make the sale.)

Simply because a visitor bounced from your website doesn’t mean they’re lost as a customer. They just aren’t convinced yet…and remarketing is the perfect opportunity.

Your to do task:

Consider whether an ad and/or remarketing campaign fits within your marketing plan and budget. Then, find a reputable marketing firm to help you set them up.

And there you have it! Ten tips that will actually help your online retail business right now. Ready to put one (or all!) of these strategies to good use? Awesome. We can help. Contact us at OSC Web Design to learn more.

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