JB Gottstein

Website Design, Custom Online Catalogue

J.B. Gottstein

J.B. Gottstein, a division of Albertsons and Safeway, is a wholesale grocery supply company. They’ve been committed to their mission “Alaskans Serving Alaskans” since the the early 1900’s. To better serve their customers, they decided to move away from paper catalogues and invest in an online catalogue.

OSC Web Design built them a new website featuring a user-friendly catalogue. Customers can easily create accounts, and place bulk orders with a few button clicks. J.B. Gottstein is also now able to reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts.

J.B. Gottstein Homepage

What did OSC do for this project?


With their new online catalogue, J.B. Gottstein can better serve customers and offer automatic discounts.


This website was designed and tested for visibility on all devices and screen sizes.


Custom user sign up and approval to become a JBG customer with special pricing & MSRP levels.